Global diabetes non-profit Beyond Type 1 announces launch of Beyond Type 2

Menlo Park, CA, January 15, 2019 — Today, global diabetes non-profit Beyond Type 1 announced the launch of Beyond Type 2 – a new program to serve those impacted by Type 2 diabetes. The Beyond Type 2 website and social media platforms are a place for the Type 2 diabetes community to share stories, get connected and find resources on topics from daily management to mental health and beyond. The new site is live today in both English and Spanish, and launched with the support of five Founding Partners.

Since its founding in 2015, Beyond Type 2 has been a part of Beyond Type 1’s organizational roadmap. The Co-Founders have believed from the beginning that the same approach that has made Beyond Type 1 successful has the power to disrupt diabetes more broadly and to improve the lives of those impacted by Type 2. In 2017 Beyond Type 1 acquired TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes, community platforms that have served people with all types of diabetes for over a decade. Learning from the TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes communities has helped motivate the launch of Beyond Type 2 by underscoring the importance of serving those impacted by all types of diabetes.

Beyond Type 2 hopes to radically change what it means to live with Type 2 diabetes. The program has the power to unite the global community and empower everyone living with Type 2 to live beyond it.

“Today’s launch brings the magic of Beyond Type 1 to an entirely new and often underserved audience. While the two diseases are fundamentally different, understanding where they intersect is key,” said Thom Scher, Beyond Type 1’s CEO. “We believe that everyone impacted by diabetes is stronger together, and that issues of education and advocacy can be improved on a global level through our combined voices.”

Beyond Type 2 launches today with websites in English and Spanish, social channels in both languages, and an Instagram campaign titled #BeyondPowerful. The campaign aims to raise awareness of diabetes by sharing empowering profiles of people living with Type 2. The campaign is a twist on the ongoing #LiveBeyond campaign that helped launch Beyond Type 1.

Beyond Type 2 is made possible with the support of five Founding Partners: Abbott (FreeStyle Libre 14 Day System), the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE), Lilly Diabetes (Glucagon), Real Good Foods, and Roche Diabetes Care (Accu-Chek). The Founding Partners share the program’s vision of helping everyone impacted by Type 2 diabetes live well today.

Beyond Type 2 will operate as a program of registered 501©3 nonprofit organization Beyond Type 1, whose mission is to improve the lives of those living with diabetes. Explore Beyond Type 2 at


Just got the email announcement—congratulations to all involved! Is that going to replace the “Type 2” link in our top-nav here?


YES! Waiting for that edit SOON!


I just went to the new Beyond Type 2 website. I’m glad the “Beyond Type 1” force has identified the need to reach all those who are affected with diabetes! I firmly believe there is much more that connects us than that which divides us. United, we should stand.

I have a large desktop monitor and the drop down menu from “Diabetes” falls off on the right side, so the last that I see is, “Pregnancy an” .

I was wondering if my Beyond Type 1 log in would work on the Beyond Type 2 website and there doesn’t appear to be a log in … for either website. I do not have any social media to work with. @Mila, can you help/explain?


Hola @Tapestry! You do not need to log in to Beyond Type 1 or Type 2. It is a digital platform with articles to read, down the road there might be an app, but not for now.

Does this answer your question? :slight_smile:


Thanks, @Mila. It does, sort of. I have a login account already for Beyond Type 1 and have used it, albeit minimally, on their forum, but I do/did have an account.

Can you please share with me the URL of the Beyond Type 1 property you use the login information?

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Sure @Mila! Thank you for the help!

There isn’t a link to the forum (to the above address) on the Beyond Type 1 or Beyond Type 2 page that I can see.

I just tried to log in and I can’t. I’m recalling @Amy2 had the same problem not too long ago. It’s a start. I’ll try to do a password reset.

I see what is going on, you are visiting the “forum” or app, not the site. You will find conversations and some of the posts from the Beyond Type 1 site, but not all of them.

To visit Beyond Type 1’s site go to:

To visit Beyond Type 2 go to:

You don’t need to login to read and browse around.

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Thanks @Mila! I was able to reset the password. All is well now :slight_smile: on that front.

If I might suggest, the developers for Beyond Type 1 and Beyond Type 2 might benefit by placing a link to the forum (community as they call it) on their landing page(s). That is where I was trying to access the forum, but couldn’t find the link. I had to find it via google. That and as I mentioned above, their (Beyond Type 2) second-teir menu items are dropping off on the right side.

All that said, there is a lot of information on the Beyond Type 1 site and I’m looking forward to seeing how/what information is presented on the Type 2 site.

Do you know if there is a forum (community) on the Beyond Type 2 site and how I would access it?

Again, thank you so much for your help!

Not yet!

I apologize for the back and forth; if I would have just spent a few more minutes looking around, before I posted, I would have seen it. I just read my messages on the Beyond Type 1 forum (community) and the message reads:

INTRODUCING: Beyond Type 2

INTRODUCING: Beyond Type 2. A new program for everyone impacted by Type 2 diabetes - a place to share stories, get connected and find resources on topics from daily management to mental health and beyond. Beyond Type 2 hopes to radically change what it means to live with Type 2 diabetes. Beyond Type 2 website + social platforms launched today.

Is someone you love impacted by Type 2? Share Beyond Type 2 + plug them in to the power of online community.

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yup i did have an issue that got resolved. hope you get yours resolved

I just went and checked it out, looks nice, I will be anxious to see how it develops as time passes.

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Yes, I did! Thank you!

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@Mila I think it’s seriously awesome that the T2 community got some serious love in the D community. With so much misinformation and so.many misconceptions surrounding T2 it’s nice to have a place on the net to point to for relevant conciseful information based in fact rather than half truths and myths. While the relevant causes for T2 might be different than T1, we are all affected by the same disease.

As a well controlled T2 (diet and exercise only, no meds) I appreciate the community acknowledging the challenges of dealing with T2 diabetes. But I am concerned that in this new and possibly bennificial organization it seems that one leader is the director of the associations for diabetes educators and the other is a trained nutritionist. Neither speciality, in my experience has supported a low carb/Keto way of eating. Which for me and others have been a life line for controlling diabetes. I hope that the new community is open to explore all options for controlling T2 Diabetes.

You will not know until you give them a try. Beyond Type 2 is a service that is totally separate from TuDiabetes, it is exciting and new and in its infancy.

No one but the providers of the service know their vision so it might be best to ask your question there. It might be an exciting time to be part of something new with a chance to be a part as it builds from the ground up.

It appears from what I see online, not so reliable is that Tu has been bought out by the beyond ! And 2 group? So are they owned by the same group?