Diabetes Hands Foundation Statement- Changes are coming our way!


Today is a big day for our communities, and we want to share the news with you. Please watch this short video; the press release is also included here. We know there will be questions, and we want to provide with answers, please email Mila@diabeteshf.org with any concerns, questions or just to send us positive vibes.

Thanks for your continuous support!

"The Diabetes Hands Foundation began in 2008 driven by the strong belief that no one living with diabetes should feel alone. Since its formation, DHF’s online communities (TuDiabetes.org and EsTuDiabetes.org) have made this vision a reality for more than 20 million visitors. We have brought together people touched by diabetes and provided the support and education needed to positively impact their lives.

DHF has relied heavily on the generosity of industry partners, private foundations, and individual donors to help fund our mission and support our communities. Unfortunately, due to increasing costs and the competition presented by a growing number of non-profit organizations competing for limited funds, DHF’s Board of Directors has determined that it is in the best interests of its charitable mission to wind up its operations while partnering with another organization offering support and education for those affected by diabetes, to ensure a sustainable future for our vibrant online communities.

We are pleased to announce that Beyond Type 1, a non-profit organization serving the diabetes community, will provide a new home for our communities, and carry on the important work that DHF started. In arriving at this point, the Board of Directors conducted a thorough search to ensure that DHF’s online communities will transition to an organization that will honor their legacy in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, in English and Spanish, and help take them to the next level. We are confident that Beyond Type 1 can do just that and are committed to working with them on the transition to make certain that people touched by diabetes will continue to have the support and education they need and deserve.

On behalf of the DHF Board of Directors and Staff, we would like to thank the many people who have made it possible for DHF to serve the diabetes community. Although we are ceasing operations as an entity, we continue to believe that no one living with diabetes should feel alone, and are certain that this change will enable our communities to continue to support this important mission for a long time to come."


Beyond Type 1 Press Release

Earlier today, the Board of Directors for the Diabetes Hands Foundation (DHF) announced that they will be winding down their organization. Since 2008, DHF has been a pioneering force for the diabetes community, uniting efforts across Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and across languages and backgrounds. While DHF will unfortunately be shutting down, the two communities that DHF runs – TuDiabetes.org (in English) and EsTuDiabetes.org (in Spanish) – are critical and must be maintained.

After a thorough search DHF selected Beyond Type 1 as the new home for TuDiabetes.org and EsTuDiabetes.org. Beyond Type 1 is honored to continue operating these two communities, and to carry these communities into the future. Millions of visitors rely on TuDiabetes.org and EsTuDiabetes.org, and we will make every effort to continue and expand their reach.

Beyond Type 1, since its inception, has been committed to efforts including more than Type 1 diabetes. The diabetes community is stronger together. An understanding of Type 2 informs an understanding of Type 1 and vice versa. When it comes to diabetes, stigma and many complications do not discriminate by type. When people living with diabetes are brought together, the result is greater numbers and resources and a louder voice. Communities like these ensure that no one living with diabetes ever feels alone.

We have tremendous respect for TuDiabetes.org and EsTuDiabetes.org, and we intend to transition the two communities seamlessly from DHF to Beyond Type 1. We intend that, for the foreseeable future, the two communities will retain their name, the way they operate and their culture. As part of that transition, we are excited to announce that DHF’s Director of Community, Mila Ferrer, will be joining Beyond Type 1 as our Director of Programs. Mila will continue to oversee the management of these two communities and work to expand them.

The current resources being provided to the Hispanic diabetes community are insufficient. The diabetes resources being provided to underserved populations as a whole are insufficient. TuDiabetes.org and EsTuDiabetes.org are an important part of the equation and an exciting addition to the Beyond Type 1 family of programs, but there is more work to be done. Beyond Type 1 is committed to expanding our efforts to address these problems on a global scale.


Interesting. Cherise just shared one of their discussions on FB. Not impressive. The old T1 vs T2 debate which is very old hat here at TuD—as well as here we are years past any kind of belief in Competitive Misery…So…I guess we’ll see…

TuD was shaped by its founders—profoundly so. Who founded this new outfit?..

Judith, to answer your question, they have a small page about their founders at https://beyondtype1.org/leadership/ .

I suspect that we are all watching an intermediate phase of the death of TuDiabetes, but only time will tell. In any case, there’s nothing we can do about the changes; all we can do is to continue to use the various functions of TD as long as we think that they are helpful to ourselves and others, and to stop using them if and when we feel that that’s appropriate.



I will check it out. Your response is reasoned and indicative of a sensibility that I do not possess as regards TuD. I joined when there were only 800 members and Manny was still able to welcome each of us as we came in. And Andreina was also here daily, helping to shape the feel of the place–it’s total integrity and The True Impulse at its heart.

It was my first experience of participating in any social media. I didn’t join FB until several years later and only then so I could keep track of the kids in my family.

So this is not a matter-of-fact thing for me. I have made life-long friends here and had the blessing of meeting them in realtime in far away places…

If, as you say, this is the beginning of the end for TuD-----well it will indeed be a finale in one of the most difficult, depressing years of my life—just the way it started—with deeply grieving the loss of family members…Blessings


I truly hope and believe that this move is not the means to an end. TuDiabetes came close to going dark as The Diabetes Hands Foundation ceased its operations. Beyond Type 1 saw TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes as something worth saving.

I do not foresee this move as the beginning of the end. I see it as a new beginning.


:: lurk mode OFF :: :slight_smile:

TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes are at a transition point from one umbrella organization to another.

AND we, the members, are in a position to help determine how this transition goes.

What can we do?

Keep being active in TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes.
Keep posting, sharing, liking, laughing, crying, etc.
Keep expecting the same inclusive and informed behavior that we have always encouraged.
Keep holding ourselves and the others here to our values.

It’s the people and their interactions that make TuDiabetes valuable.


Thanks, @Corinna!

You said it perfectly, we (all the current members) do have a significant responsibility to maintain our communities a welcoming and safe place for ALL.


Well visit their website. They are young and hip and T2 is an afterthought. What they have to offer a 67-year-old woman controlling successfully with A1cs in the 4.9-5.5 range for a decade on no meds while also battling fibromyalgia and severe arthritis and COPD is still a mystery to me. But that’s only two visits.

They depress me. So we’ll see, won’t we. Color me dubious, but not about to abandon specific friends here at TuD.


You are a new member. And obviously a transitional personage. So, we’ll see. Cherise’s FB post from Beyond T1 was very revealing. Beyond T1—not proven yet at all…I’m not abandoning my old friends here so I’ll be around, but you are too new yet…

You had better do a lot better than that idiotic old saw that Cherise shared. Beyond T1 implies you give a c*#p about old people…

I’ve visited your website twice now and scanned your T2 category. Not very helpful. But you have a chance…I’ll give it to you…Good luck…

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I do so have my fingers crossed that TuD as we have known it will continue as we have known it. TuD was a lifesaver for me when I was first dx’d with Type 1, and has given me both information and pleasure over the years, as well as a place to be creative in Arts and Poetry. .


Yes, they are young but are committed to also make a difference in the type 2 space. At least give them a chance. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, not a new member nor transitional! I joined this community in 2010. :wink: And have been working at DHF since 2013.

Also for your information, Beyond Type 1 acknowledge that the post had some errors and they deleted it. Also, they wrote the following statement:

They have a lot to learn, and I believe the best way to do it, is by showing them how supportive and inclusive our communities are.

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As I said, I will…


Sounds to me Thom Scher is admitting that someone on their editorial staff didn’t do their job and they’ve taken steps to correct the mistake.

As for all the talk of inclusiveness, I take that as an attempt to assure people that TuD and EsTuD will continue as they are and not become focused solely on type 1.

TuD & EsTuD are built on inclusiveness. Everyone touched by diabetes is welcome. Having worked with some of the current DHF staff and board members I can say they understand how valuable this is to us members and they are well aware of the sensitivities related to this.


Perhaps I’m being overly optimistic, but right now I believe that BT1 has saved our community and the message I’ve heard is that our communities will continue as they have been. I have no reason to doubt this, so I see this change as a fantastic one - doors remain open and we’re not being asked to change anything.

While I understand the logic behind exploring more about BT1, to me, I’m not seeing a need to identify what they have done to be in lock step with what TuD does. If they are truly respecting our culture, they don’t need to do anything new to satisfy our needs, if our needs are being met here, in our community, and they indeed intend to let us operative as always.


Perhaps I’m like @Lorraine, a little overly optimistic, I believe that’s a much better approach than being pessimistic. I realize that there is a fear of change but change is sometimes a good thing.

From what I can tell Beyond Type 1 (BT1) was created to serve the T1 community, I cannot fault them for that, their mission is a good one. They are now, it appears, wanting to also serve people with T2. If not why would they would take on our communities (TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes) which between the two are almost 50% type 2. I cannot believe that their goal is to alienate half of the members of our communities.

Just as we are apprehensive about our future I’m sure the members of BT1 are concerned about the possibility of changes coming to their site as well. We here at TuDiabetes have since our inception stressed that T1s and T2s are better together than apart and that no person with diabetes of any type should feel alone. Inclusiveness is a cause we have always championed at TuD. It has taken a lot of work and our work is ongoing.

BT1 being focused on T1 has not seen need to champion our cause. With them taking on operation of our communities I believe that they are willing to now champion our cause as well.


I have been a member on TuD for ten years, and I have enjoyed it very much. I had a hard time adjusting to Discourse, but I did adjust, and I enjoyed that, too. I think I should be able to adjust to another change. I am anxious to see how TuD and EsTuD are set up. I hope the members currently participating here will give Beyond Type 1 a chance. I certainly do not want express any doubts about BT1, I am grateful that they are willing to allow us to continue with them. I am anxious to see you in the new host’s domain.