Glucoboy: A Glucose Meter Designed For Kids

Are you guys aware of this?

The Glucoboy is the first blood glucose meter that has been designed specially for kids, adolescents and the young at heart.

In addition to a stand-alone blood glucose meter, the Glucoboy contains 2 full length video games and a mini-arcade. To access the video games, the Glucoboy must be inserted into the cartridge slot on a Nintendo Game Boy® Advance System, or into the Game Boy® cartridge slot on a Nintendo DS.

Interesting concept!

It may be preliminary, but at this point in time, it appears that readings are only displayed in the mmol/L standard used in much of Europe and Canada, rather than the mg/dL standard used in the U.S. They’ll need to fix that if they hope to sell it to American kids and/or their parents!

I saw that the other day when a review was posted on my site. The review is here: (review link on my site - not the review linked to below)…

The comments are rather tongue in cheek and no one seems to have used it.

Looks like it is not available in the US.