New meter idea 3 in 1

Hey Everyone I was laying in bed last night and come up with an idea for a meter one that test blood glucose and blood ketones and do an A1C test like a 3 in 1 meter Do think any of us diabetics who go for it Name the company who you think would be most likely make it and what should it be called any thoughts? thanks

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I want meters to be small, accurate, use small amounts of blood, to have a screen that is easily visible in outdoor light, and not be too expensive. I think that last parameter leaves out the type of meter you are suggesting.

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no any size would work just ideas for now it would be nice to have one out there

Blood ketone tests and blood glucose tests are measuring different things. So … first overcome the need for different test strip types. Next. Ensure the same level of accuracy as per each meter type today. Then, as @phoenixbound suggested, you need to address all the things people really want from their medical device.


i agree but it would be great to have one out there as it would help with doing so many test

Years ago there used to be a meter out that did both–test blood glucose and blood ketones. I think the name of it was Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System. I don’t know if they still make them or not.

yes it still made but it now called the freestyle precision neo

now if any company would make have three buttons so you can choose the test you want with just one strip and have it at a low cost could be a big hit if they get it right

I have that meter( got one on sale at walmart three years ago after hospital etc.- I think you can still buy them online) and since having ketones when I started the pump I got some strips for it but I haven’ been carrying it around with me yet. I like my ibg star in spite of its problems because it is so small and can go into my pocket with a bottle of test strips and my lancer.

Thanks @shellyj and @meee. I was thinking about buying one of these but I wasn’t sure if they were worth it. I saw one on Amazon and had it in my wish list. Now I know that I can get it as a backup to check for ketones and blood glucose. I think it would be better than the ketone urine strips.

In all truthfulness, I gave up testing for Keytones about the time blood glucose meters came out. Always seemed redundant as if you were spilling KT the treatment was to get your high BG down. I’m pretty sure at some point over the last 25 years I have spilled keytones but the only difference was I did not know when or how much but it was treated the same way as if I did. Am I crazy for treating it this way?

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I’d rather do something to lower the cost of each blood sugar test, rather than raise the cost.

Ketone test strips are not always necessary but when they are needed, they can be super cheap if they just test for ketones. Like 7 cents each.

A1C tests 4 or 8 times a day along with each bg test seems very unnecessary. Maybe once a month for someone who was just diagnosed until they were stabilized.


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Alas, the Freestyle Precision Neo only tests for glucose. Here is a good [review][1] from Wil Dubois over @ DiabetesMine (the review is good, maybe not the meter though).

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[1]: A Review of the New Abbott Neo Glucose Meter

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I really never test for ketones either. I know if I spend excessive amounts of time over 150, I will spill ketones, but the simplest solution is to get my BG down and the ketones will follow.

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My most recent A1C test request kept getting flagged/rejected by the VA computer system when the NP attempted to request it. My last A1C test had been drawn “only” 85 days earlier and the system didn’t see the point of ordering another one until at least 90 days after the previous one.

So, aside from any technological or cost considerations, adding A1C to a BG meter makes no sense based on the inherent contradictions between how the tests are best used to get meaningful results.

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Same here. Just doesn’t seem to be an issue unless for some reason you were stuck in “high” territory for a while and couldn’t bring it down. I had a bit of that kind of trouble my first month or so on a pump, and thought about ketone testing, but went through the same logic: the solution is what? get your BG down. Well no duh, as they say; that’s what I’m trying to do.

Exactly the logic I used. Every once in a while Doc will ask, any keytones and I give honest answer “probably”…LOL

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“ketones”, fellas, not “keytones”. :slight_smile:

I used hukedawnfawniks when I was young :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

JC14 - That’s a rational solution. DKA is the result of high blood glucose and high ketones. If one of these two ingredients is missing, no DKA. Monitoring/measuring BGs is an excellent proxy to avoid DKA for a real world diabetic.