Glucometers and the weather

I have kind of a weird thing that is going to happen to me this weekend. I already know it’s going to happen because it happened last year. We are going camping this weekend in colorado where it is very cold. Found out by accident last year that my One Touch Mini meter will not work if it is below 40 degrees, which, it will be I’m sure. Any advice out there? Has anyone ever had this happen to them before? It also can go the other direction, and not work if it is over 114 degrees! I have read this in Diabetes Forecast, and it explains a lot because I thought that my 2 glucometers went on the blitz and the same time last year when we did this cold vacation. We will camp in a camper, not out in the elements, but still…Thanks for your help or opinions ahead of time! Kimmy

perhaps you could put the strips and meter in a waterproof bag and then immerse in warm water or maybe just hold them in yout hands for a while. hope that helps

I lived in AZ for 18 yrs, and my meter faces would melt in the summer gosh awful heat…it wasn’t fun at all…