Tips for Protecting Diabetes Stuff from Temperature Extremes?

Now that summer is here, I’m looking to spend some quality time at the pool or the beach. Do you have any advice for protecting stuff like the glucose meter, test strips, insulin pen, etc from the summer heat? Is it safe to just keep the supplies in the shade or should I be lugging a cooler with me?


I think there are bags you can buy that come w/ the little cold paks that can be used to keep your insulin and meter cool. They are a little larger than the little paks that come with your meter when you buy them, but if you are at the beach or pool, you’ll probably have a larger tote or something, so hopefully, it won’t be a problem for you.

We carry our insulin in a FRIO bag when we go to the beach.

I live in Ak so heat isnt much of a problem even in the summer, its keeping my insulin from freezing in the winter thats the problem. lol. I think those freezer gel paks work well.

When Noah used an insulin pen (pump now) we had a little insulated bag from the baby section of Target that is used to keep one baby bottle cold. We put his pen in there for trips to the beach with a little cold pack and it worked really well. In the past, we threw the whole test kit (meter, strips, etc) into our cooler, but the cold did not agree with the One Touch meter so we just put that in our beach bag and it was fine.