Glucose Cubes/Weight Loss

Hi Everyone!
So…I’ve been working on bringing my weight AND A1C down at the same time (very hard to do) in order to start planning for a pregnancy. I brought my A1C down from 7.7 to 6.4!!! YEAH! But, I’m not having as much luck with my weight. I’ve been working on eating less calories and working out to burn more than I eat but as you all now this sometimes results in low blood sugars. I’ve been doing this for about a month an dhave lost 5 lbs. My concern is, even with changing basal and bolus rates and trying to reduce my rates before exercise I still experience lows off and on throught the day. Will popping glucose cubes prevent me from losing the weight I want to lose (about 40 lbs worth)? I’ve been having to eat close to 5-8 per day (which probably means I should lower my basal rate but I love the good control). Do these extra calories (15 per glucose cube) counterproduct my exericising? UGH…it’s so hard to lose weight AND have good control at the same time because of all the unpredicted lows!!!

Hi there. Congrats on bringing your A1C down, that is wonderful. I will get there eventually. I have been exercising too and found it difficult to maintain a good blood sugar. I have found that if I suspend my insulin for the time that I am on the elliptical machine that helps. Maybe that would help so you wouldn’t have to eat so many glucose tablets. I think that eating them is better than some of the other choices out there though. Hope that you are able to get the blood sugar in control and good luck on the weight loss.