Glucose range 70-130 premeal and 70-140 postmeal, confusing, and unreachable?

I am currently taking 3 X 10u of Novolog fast acting and 42u of Lantus daily, my doc said stay with that for a couple weeks so we can see a true picture of where I am actually at. Since starting this regimen, I have had maybe 2 or 3 tests that were inside the goal. I have seen some software that suggests that anything inside 70-180bg is inside the goal area. I am currently testing before each shot, and 2 hours after the noon meal (my biggest meal of the day). I just wonder what some of you who have dealt with this a longer period of time would consider inside the goal range?

sounds about right.
The American Diabetes Association (ADA)2 suggests:
before meal – 70-130 mg/dl (3.9-7.2 mmol/l)
after meal - (1-2 hours) - <180 mg/dl (<10.0 mmol/l)

A1c (three month blood sugar average) – 7.0% or lower

Honestly i feel good as long as it below 200 after a meal

It does take time for your BGs to find their balance.
However it sounds like you might need either more insulin or less carb. Personally, I’d go for the less carb thing as it keeps things more balanced (less likely to get lows). However you’ll need to find what works for you…

In the end diabetes is self managed and your doctor wont have much say in things (still there for advice etc but only you know what you’re doing). But do listen to your doc to learn as much as you can. Now that I’ve said that I have to admit that most doctors don’t know a lot and are only able to guess & see what happens. (Same as you would of course). The best advice is places like this… tudiabetes and other forums where you can learn from other diabetics :slight_smile: but still, it really is in your hands.

Either way, don’t worry too much about highs for now - they’re part of the learning curve. You certainly want to avoid them but you don’t need to stress about it yet. Remember you can still lower your BGs with some exercise and avoiding carbs. And if you’re really having trouble then call your doctor and tell him/her that you can’t wait any longer and need to increase the dose - they should listen.