God must look out for scatter-brained old men

I have read the post by folks that have taken the wrong insulin or have taken the wrong amount. I have always said if not for the grace of God go I. Well I went there yesterday. While taking my Novalog at lunch I dialed up my usual basal Levemir dose of 15 units by mistake. My daily brown bag lunch requires 5 units of Novalog, I realized what I had done as soon as I pushed the plunger but it was to late to take it back. 15 units was 3 times what I needed.

My company had a meeting that morning in which breakfast was served. For some reason and I don't know why I picked up a bottle of left over orange juice and placed it in my lunch cooler. I didn't drink OJ at the meeting and haven't drank OJ in well over a year but I picked it up on my way out the door.

Like I said, God must look out for scatter-brained old men. When I realized what I had done my mind immediately went to the OJ which I drank hastily. I even managed to go by the office for another bottle. I tested frequently throughout the afternoon and the lowest I got was 60. I carry glucose tabs for lows (Yuck) and luckily I didn't have to use them.

Gary S

Glad it worked out for you, and you had that OJ on hand. It's easy enough to do when you are injecting two different insulins. Either get the pens mixed up or as in your case injecting the wrong dose.

Wow, Gary, whatever impulse led you to pack that oj, was a truly amazing one. I'm so glad you're ok. I've never done it but I've gotten as far as the wrong pen in my hand. What a sinking feeling that must be to realize. Glad it ended with relative ease.

Yes He does look out for us all, Gary!!! Your finding and having the Oj was not serendipity. It was God's Grace.


Zoe and Brunetta, The funny part of this is that as I drove away from the office I thought to myself why did you bring the OJ you know your not going to drink it.

Gary, That's how good God is. You did not have to "know", He did. Do not get me to "testifying" LOL....
Have a great safe, evening.

God bless,