Going back on the pump

Helllo to you all my name is Dooie and I’m a newcomer. I’ve been a T1 for over 21 yrs and have been on injections up until three and a half yrs ago when I went on the pump. Sadly I was only on it for about a year and had to get off because of my work. Now I’m ready to get back on one but it’s hard to choose which on to go on but my first pump was MM because my endocrinologist said they were a good company. Now I see the Animas Ping and the Animas Vibe(not out yet) and that one has CGMS. On the other hand the MM Revel has the CGMS also. It would be great to hear some feedback about the pumps you are using and how you feel about them and the customer service. Whatever feedback you give would be GREATLY appreciated.

I haven't done both but have a Medtronic 523 and have liked it a lot. I had a Medtronic 722 for four years (including one replacement when one blew up under weird circumstances, 14 mile run, high 80s w/ humidity to I was sweating *a lot*...) and liked it but the 523 has some useful extra features that have helped me keep things pretty much on track. I run a lot and the extra gizmos with the Omnipod/ Dexcom option would be dealbreakers for me. I want as little extra junk as I can have. Medtronic customer service has been good although the initial vibe is sort of odd as they have what I refer to as "sales nurses" who help you through the transition but then cut you off once you have the hang of it. Or once they think you have the hang of it? I still have no problem saying I'm very happy with Medtronics though...

Thanks. I’ve been hearing good things about Medtronics pumps.

There are SOOOO many threads on here about this topic. I would search through recent threads (we just had one here the other day).

Both the Ping and Revel are good pumps. I have the Revel and have been very happy with it. However, you have to look at all the characteristics of both pumps, talk to users, and determine which pump is best for YOU. For example, the Ping is waterproof, while the Revel is not. If you spend a lot of time around water, the Ping is going to be the pump you want. However, if having an integrated pump/CGM system is important, the Revel may be better. (although I think the Ping will eventually be integrated with the Dexcom).

Things I love about the Revel include the integration of the CGM, the durability of the pump (this baby can take a licking and keep on ticking), the reliability of Medtronic's customer service, the small size, and the fact that I know Medtronic has been making pumps for a long time and delivers a quality product. The menu/interface is quick and easy to use. The Carelink software is excellent.

Things I wish the Revel had include - a larger/more vibrant screen, waterproofness, and remote bolus option (all of which the Ping had).

Consider your total daily dosage. The revel comes in two sizes - one that holds 180 units and another that holds 300 units. The Ping only has a 200 unit reservoir. If you use a lot of insulin, the 300 unit capacity Revel may be a better option for you. You want to have a reservoir that can last you 3 days.

Customer service is a mixed bag and for me that has been the case with every company I've dealt with. I have had no particular issue with Minimed's customer service; when I needed new infusion sets to try, they happily sent me out some, and they were great at hooking me up with a travel loaner when I went out of the country. I really didn't need the rep when I got hooked up and you probably won't either (if you had a pump before, you know what you're doing). To be honest, most of what I learned in terms of operating my pump came from playing around with it and watching YouTube videos.

Speaking of, this kid did a great job comparing the Revel and Ping.

I've been using the MM 522 for 2 years, my first pump just got a crack in the caseing and when I called at 6:30pm on a saturday to ask if it was warranty, they said it was, and by 10:00 that night they had a new insulin pump delivered to my house. Totally over the moon impressed with MM. The CGMS is a little off but they have a new one that is coming out soon that is apparently less painful and more accurate. I think it's a great little pump, haven't tried any others yet though, but don't really see a reason to at this point.

i cannot agree more, Ladybell, i have been using the MMPump for 11 yrs now (been D for 25+yrs) and i have always used Metronic. any problems i have, they solve them w/ grace and understanding. they get me supplies as fast as lighting whenever there is a problem. same as U, when i've had pump problems, new one arrives in a flash. even if i am on vacation somewhere they still manage to get me whatever it is that i need. they also have an amazingly patient staff who know everything about how to use the pump and most of them either R D or have a family member that is. they know EVERYTHING!!!!! its amazing. have absolutely NO desire to switch pumps. (I have went thru 3 since i went on the pump; now i am using the pump padadym w/ the WIZARD bolus feature. awsome.)