Going for Omnipod training - what questions should I ask


@beacher This is the part which I was referring too; unfortunately, I’ve had several “very rare events”. Thank you for the page reference :slight_smile: I’m so glad someone put a video up about it too!


I do what they tell me of course! We originally had 3 training appointments and now it’s down to 2 because he is sooo brilliant (in his own mind.) His endo would probably say ok actually - she has type one and nudges me toward being a little less cautious with letting him do things - I think there could be a finding nemo reference in here somewhere. His pod is set up with saline so we are practicing. I gave him a correction bolus in his sleep early this morning. So freaky!!


I think the saline thing is not extremely useful. Kids know so much about technology, they don’t need practice with button-pushing.

And if you are using saline, you don’t know if you did too much or too little. You never really find out what the right amounts are until you start using insulin in it.

But that’s just my opinion. :grinning:

That extra week would be helpful, but I hope you guys can get it all ironed out in time for your trip.


I hope so too!


So the trainers need to say it is in the book if you need to know. Or something like that. Thanks for everyone’s input on this topic. I already told the ladies in church that if they hear a loud noise and see me getting up, please inform those around you that I have an Omnipod pod pump on…:wink:


Yeah … just to help you be aware. Although I do remember the first time I couldn’t use a prompt on the pdm to stop it and called support, they were great and talked me through how to do it. I have my doctor’s number, OmniPod’s, and Dexcom’s written in my book for quick reference. Support for both the OmniPod and Dexcom’s has been wonderful for me.


I’ve used every pump out there, and this is the first time I have felt connected to a company after purchase. Insulet has some nice ways of letting each podder feel like they can share ideas and contribute helps and tips for each other. I don’t know, somehow I feel more connected…


I haven’t seen anything about this, so I’ll just put it out there. Omnipod was my first pump, and I loved it for the first few years, until I started having skin sensitivity issues. A lot of people who use this pump assume it an adhesive allergy, but it wasn’t that. I began getting blistering around the edges of the pump site. The reason I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t an allergic reaction is that there was no skin reaction underneath the pod, where the skin was actually in contact with with the adhesive. I tried Tegaderm patches, but got blisters around the edges of that, too. My personal opinion is that I was getting friction burns. None of my medical providers at the time could shed any light on why it was happening.

As it happened, I had to switch to a MiniMed when I aged into Medicare. At the time, Insulet had no Medicare contract. It may be that as I’ve aged, my skin has gotten thinner, like my hair. All aging issues that won’t affect your son, but it’s something you may want to be on the lookout for. Otherwise, Omnipod is the gold standard for insulin pumps, in my most humble opinion. Not having to deal with tubing when you shower or swim is a huge convenience, and one I miss.