Omnipod Pumping-my first 6 months

Hey everyone
I started with the Omnipod in July and have had a love/hate relationship thus far. I have had several pods fail but recently have been really happy. However, I am really defeated today. I had my first full 3 month A1C today. It has gone way up to 7.5! I am at a loss with the whole pumping deal. I thought this was the life saver everyone seems to do so well on. With shots, I at least was at 6.3. I went on the pump to get my body ready for future pregnancy. That 's what everyone said was the smart thing to do. “So much easier to control sugars.” I am 35 and we want to start a family and this plan is not working. How long does it take to get under control?? I run, workout and eat well. I check every 2 hours. FRUSTRATED doesn’t even begin to cover what I am feeling right now. Anyone have any suggestions on where to go from here?

Yes, I am working with an educator at my endo’s office but not an Insulet trainer (I have considered this though). I guess I expected the whole consistent basal thing to work a lot better than the shots. I do love the freedom and honestly don’t want to go back on shots but man, this is frustrating. My educator said that it could be that my body is changing and there is no more honeymoon period. I have had this for 3.5 years so I thought the honeymoon period was way over. She mentioned that if my PDM registers a 140-90 day average then I must be going way high at night. Back to the drawing board with rate evaluations. I did one last night and it looks like my basal may be too strong at dinner which brings me low and maybe a rebound high in the middle of the night. Who knows!? Do you think the Insulet trainer would provide even more guidance than my CDE?

Hi Betsy,
You may want to see if your CDE can hook you up to a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) for a few days to see what your glucose trends are. It may be that you need a higher insulin-to -carbohydrate ratio than what you’ve previously been using or that your basal rates may need to be adjusted. Also, its amazing what a little exercize does for me in getting my glucoses under better control.
That said, I’m due to have another HgbA1C taken soon (my last one was 08/07 and was 6.6) and because of my misadventures with the Omnipod system I expect it to be higher (see my note or minireview in this section). My glucoses were under tighter control when I was using a conventional pump. Although the data shows there is no difference in BG control from MDI vs. pump users, I went from a HgbA1C of 9.3 to below 7 by pumping, so I am a firm believer in pumping as it allows you more control than the flat response from a long acting insulin like Lantus.
But check with your CDE and call Insulet as well.

Happy Holiday everyone
Thanks for the replies. I have taken some time to think about my situation (and to calm down a bit). I am going to schedule a meeting with my CDE at the beginning of the year. I think I need a refresher in pumping. I am wondering a few things. First of all, the doctor that I see has a lab that they use and for the past couple of times my A1C has been higher than it has been. Not sure if this is an issue but I want to make sure my expectations are not too high for this test. In regards to Gary’s thought about my high post prandial readings, this is something that I have always had concerns but I have never really gotten a good answer from my doctor. They want the reading two hours to be close to 140 or below but I have rarely achieved that with shots or the pump. Sometimes it takes as many as 4 hours to come down. From reading boards I am thinking that my sugars should never even go up (the insulin should keep it in check, right?)
I still don’t understand my A1C of 7.5 if my monitor average is 140. From my online searches that would be around 6.4 or so. I check every 2 hours (except when I’m asleep!) so I know I’ve had some high but I didn’t think that high. I really feel like there is something I’m missing and for the first time in 3.5 years of this condition I feel stupid and out of control. I really appreciate y’all offering suggestions and I am planning a proactive approach to this pumping deal next month!

You got an educator at your doctors office helping you? The omnipod trainers are also available.
7.5 don’t sound that bad, keep your spirit up.

Yes, and this is going to sound terrible but my last visit was so ODD that I have made another appointment with another doctor. Second opinion I guess. 7.5 is scary for me because #1, I have always been below 6.5 and since going on the pump it has gone above. And second we want to have a baby this year and that’s my real goal of pumping. I am starting to use SugarStats and am checking more in the middle of the night. My CDE said that I may be coming off the honeymoon period which I had no idea could last for more than 3 years!

Hey everyone
Since this first discussion I have been to see a new endocrinologist and have had new labs done. Guess what? The 7.5 in December is now…a 6.49!!! Thanks to all who had suggestions. I am meeting with a new educator and will wear a CGM for a weekend. They even have a nutritionist on staff and I have an appt. with her in April. Today is a good day!
PS. Still on the Omnipod and I really am liking it more and more…