Going off to grad school

So I will be graduating from undergrad in may and I need to start looking for grad schools now (i know, im running behind a bit). My concentration is on Forensic/physical Anthropology.

Im looking to either study abroad or here in the united states…and I was wondering how the medical treatment/doctors are where you are at? like, how many endos are there? hows the health insurance coverage (if out of the USA)? How expensive is it living there? etc…

I want to know it all!

I forgot to say, I am on an pump, and I also need to know how that is affected too :slight_smile:

Ireland: Expensive especially at the moment with the Euro/Dollar value. Ireland is a welfare state so all diabetic medication is free, but I have to get a Doctor’s prescription which costs about 80 Euro per year. I also visit a dedicated diabetic nurse and a Doctor in an out-patient’s clinic about 5 times a year for eye/foot exams and various blood tests and HBA1C. Lovely place to live :slight_smile:

thanks! I will keep that in mind.