Studying abroad

Hi,I'm an electrical engineering student and I intend to participate on a government program that allows college students to go study abroad. I live in Brazil with my folks, and I intend to spend a whole year in the USA ( don't know exactly where yet), but my parents are kinda worried about me being alone because of my diabetes. Does anyone know how does the health service works in the US for people with diabetes? I don't think it to be a possibility to take all the insumes I'll need, since it's for a whole year, so, I'm a bit worried about the prices and rules to get them. I've been taking an experimental phase with the insulym pump from medtronic (paradigm), so, that's what I'm using , but there's a possibility I won't be able to keep it ( depending on the govs decision), nways, would it be better to use the pump? Or the regular pen? If anyone can help, I'd be really glad! Thanks!

Most schools either ask that their students have their own health insurance coverage or that they accept university provided coverage. Given that you are coming from abroad your own insurance or health coverage may just not work. You should check the on-line site for your school in the US and see what they provide. Usually the rates provided are quite reasonable since student populations are generally young and healthy. You should ask your target school specific questions about the plan and they should be able to provide information on how much specific things like pumps and MDI will cost.

I have very good health insurance so it's quite easy for me to get my supplies. Ask your doctor how that would work and have them help you coordinate your supplies at a pharmacy near your university in the US. It'll be a lot easier if you're in a city (I go to college in Washington, DC and there are 4 pharmacies within 10 minutes walking of my dorm). A lot of colleges and study abroad programs have some sort of health insurance included, so look into that. But yeah ask your doctor to help you.