Going to shots from pump

i am on the omnipod and have had so many failures that i am now out of pods! my shipment doesn’t come in till sept 22nd…so, i guess, i will have to go to shots for the time being…does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? i don’t remember how many units i was on before…is there a calculation or something? i was on lantus and humalog…thanks for your help!!

thanks! i knew there was some way to calculate it! i’ll try that!

If you’re interested in getting pods sooner (I was in much the same boat two weeks ago!), call your local omnipod rep. Mine wasn’t able to just “hand” me spare pods because they’re technically pumps, but she was able to leave five at my CDE’s office for me to come pick up. Didn’t cost me a thing and it saved me those last two weeks before my new insurance was able to approve a new shipment.