Good Diabetes Book for Spouses?

I am a newly-diagnosed type 1. I’m actually doing fairly well, the diagnosis wasn’t a huge surprise and I am familiar with what needs to be done to adequately control diabetes (my father had T1 as well, but died from complications when I was younger). Anyway, while I am doing well, my partner is, well, clueless. It’s not that she’s intending to be clueless, but she doesn’t deal well with “medical stuff” to begin with and has never known anyone with diabetes. She thinks it just means I “take a shot” before I eat and everything is fine. I’ve tried to explain to her what diabetes really means and how much of an impact it’s going to be on our lives together. I don’t know if I’m making a bigger deal out of it, or if she’s just oblivious.

Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone had a good book recommendation for spouses of people with diabetes (hopefully T1). Any suggestions?

MrsAcidRock is pretty sharp however she has managed to avoid reading any diabetes books to date. I sort of question whether it’s really possible to understand until you are strung out on insulin and food and trying to balance not going low with no amputations and all of the other possibilities in between and feeling the insulin start to fry away at your good sense at the same time it’s helping you out.

That being said, I like Think Like a Pancreas the best as I found it readable? I have Dr. Bernstein’s book (I don’t recommend that at all, despite the useful information, I don’t agree that one needs to be as extreme as he does. He would probably say that I don’t need to be as extreme as I am either however, just like with BG, the solution might be in the middle somewhere?) and “Pumping Insulin” as well. Pumping Insulin is good but more of an “owner’s manual” than an explanation?

Thanks, I’m reading Thing Like A Pancreas now and it’s great, but probably a bit too technical for my partner. I don’t really feel like she needs to know all the detailed specifics, but just needs a better understanding of the mechanics of the disease. I feel like if she can get there first, she will eventually be ready for understanding the more technical aspects.

I don’t think anyone who’s not “in the club” has a clue about all the technical stuff that goes into a day with diabetes. A lot of times, I wonder about doctors too…

Type 1 Diabetes For Dummies might be just the ticket. It doesn’t have the technical details about insulin dozing, but is a good overview about the disease.

Ditto Blood Sugar 101 which is also basic.

I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis but glad that you were at least somewhat prepared for it.

I highly recommend the book Type 1 Diabetes for People Who Don’t Have It by Lisa Powell. It’s a quick read in a Q&A format. It doesn’t go into a tremendous amount of depth, but it’s a good primer. We purchased several copies and have given it to interested relatives and friends. It’s available on Amazon if not at your local bookstore.

Best wishes.