Good luck to all of you in Irene's path! Be prepared and be safe!

As I was watching the news and getting ready for my day I saw the report about the possible impact sites of Hurricane Irene which is basicaly the entire East Coast. As I was doing my inventory of “Who should I be worried about” I realized that there were probably tons of Tu members in it’s path as well. I haven’t been a member of Tu for very long but I’ve got to say I’m genuinly worried about you guys! I can’t imagine having to prepare for this sort of thing let alone making sure you’ve got enough supplies, snacks, ect. Without knowing it’s path or possible severity I know it makes it even harder to prepare but I wish you all the best and hope you have enough supplies.

Good luck,

Be prepared,

Be safe!

Wishing you all the best from Idaho,


I checked on my son’s insulin suppy… 7000 total units… since he uses 65 a day… that is good for about 105 days…as long as it can stay fridge cold enough… and got tons of snacks/ food and glucotabs on hand. We are not evacuating but near by costal areas are… we are in DE. I have plenty of water… gas in the cars and can charge things via car cuz we have a thing that makes a reg. plug in the car. Oh… and besides his bottles of insulin…we have tons of pods… and a few pens of humalog and some of lantus and 1 bottle of lantus. So as long as my house doesn’t blow away and take it all w/ it we will be fine… don’t think that will be a problem…we are not in a flood zone…for the most part. ( live on a big pond…but it has an overflow system) So… think we are fine… hope everyone else is too.

Thanks for your good wishes. I am in Eastern PA. We expect 5-10" of rain and 70mph winds Sat. nite into Sunday. I have plenty of supplies as long as power isn’t out for more than 1-2 days. The supermarkets are filled as if there was going to be a snow storm. Hoping for the best !!!

Wow, you’re not just prepared, you’re ready for Arrmagedon. I wish you the best of luck!

Here in the DC Metro area people are hitting the grocery stores like it’s a snow storm. Lots of batteries and flashlights being sold. I think everyone here is still shaken by the recent earthquake too. This isn’t an area that gets lots of natural disasters, so we tend to freak out a bit with things like this. I had travel plans this weekend, but canceled them just to be safe. Didn’t want to be on the road when Irene hit (which I might have been).

D wise, I’m all stocked up. Tons of insulin, plan for keeping it cool should the power go out, lots of infusion sets, back-up basal insulin should my pump fail, and enough teststrips to last a year.

Thanx for your concern.
I live in central Connecticut. I have installed a generator about 5 years ago so my wife and I are good. I have only lost power once for about an hour since I put it in. What a great garantee it is. I have well water so it is hooked up and so is my fridge.

I go with all the other’s here. I live in Western TN but I am thinking of you guys!!! Like Judith said “Please check in after she blows through and let us know how you are”

Yep! LOL ready as I can ever be. So far just windy here… and a ton of rain. If you twitter… I put a vid of what it looks like here I am @katszr

We made out pretty well. Got 6" of rain,( but that is on top of the 19" we received in Aug.) Some trees are down, but not on my property. The creeks and rivers in the area are expected to flood tomorrow. The wind reached about 45mph, We only lost our power for a short time last nite. My ’ frig made out fine-insulin stayed cold. Thank the good Lord it wasn’t too bad.

Katsz, I have found the Frio packs to be a superb substitute for a fridge when one isn’t available. I went to Germany 3 years ago to visit my brother and treked around Europe with him and his family – with my Frio packs helping to keep my insulin cool. The company that makes the packs even has a testimony from a Hurricane Katrina survivor who says it was invaluable, keeping her mother’s insulin cool for 10 days while waiting on a fridge and a generator.

Hope you’re OK!

Irene is just arriving in Canada now. Hope everyone on the East Coast stays safe.

Not sure how much rain we got, but then again the eye of the hurricane was not expected to go over us here in south central PA. We lost power for about 6 hours, but that’s do-able. When I called the power company, I was told I wouldn’t have power till 10 PM tonight (though even that’s doable!), so having power back now is good. The only problem? Wish it would stay on!

Otherwise, we’ve got some minor damage: flooding in the garage, some cracked tree limbs, a rose of sharon bush that may have cracked at the root system. I’m just hoping the power stays on through the rest of the day!

Advice: go to the pharmacy the day after a hurricane. No lines at all!!

Other than a mess of branches and a few trees, Irene was uneventful. Power flickered a bit around 2-3am, but did not go off completely for more than 5 minutes or so. Still have some power outages around DC last I heard. Hoping that I won’t have school tomorrow, but I think that I will! Bye summer!

I’m in Ocean City, NJ and we didn’t even loose power during the storm. There was some wind and some water in the street, but that’s about it. I know I should’ve evacuated, but I have dogs and cats. Hopefully we’re done with the earthquakes and hurricanes for awhile.

Lucky you!! We lost power for 6 hours and it’s not been stable since. Still, it’s better than my neighbors across the street who still do not have power and may not have power until Wednesday.

Glad to hear everyone is doing okay! Look like it could’ve been a lot worse!