Good news for Quebec diabetics

Last week, the Minister of Health annonced a new program to cover the insulin pump and its supplies for diabetics under 18 years old.

That is a great news and it is a step forward for diabetics of the Province of Quebec, but also for the rest of the country because the other provinces will have pressure to do the same.

But there is more to do. This program should cover all diabetics, not only those under 18 years old. There is a petition supported by a member of the National Assembly to force the Quebec Health Department to extend the program to adult diabetics also.

If some of you could help us, by signing the petition, it would be very very appreciate. The official National Assembly web site is in english but the original text is still in french so I translate it for you.

Thanks for your support in advance.

Web site of the petition

Petition text

Whereas the use of insulin pumps in diabetic patients improves their quality of life, helps control blood sugar and reduces the risk of hospitalization;

Whereas, according to Diabetes Quebec, 5 to 10% of 50 000 people with type 1 diabetes could use an insulin pump;

Whereas the insulin pump costs about $ 7 000 plus approximately $ 3 000 per year in depreciation and supplies such as catheters, tubes, batteries, etc… and that these costs are so significant to restrict the access to people less fortunate;

Therefore the undersigned call on the Department of Health and Human Services to implement a public access program allows reimbursement for insulin pumps and supplies for diabetics who use this material.

You know, back when I was diagnosed it wasn’t T1 and T2, it was “juvenile diabetes” and “regular diabetes”.

There was some sort of assumption that only kids had T1.

I’ve been told on a couple of occasions in the past few years by health care professionals, that I’m too old to have T1 :-). Now that I’m definitely past middle age and have grey thinning hair I’m sure I don’t look juvenile anymore!

It’s not just Quebec but the transition in medical care between being a kid with T1 and being an adult with T1 is not necessarily easy anywhere. I struggled for a long time in college and grad school before I found a way to get appropriate medical care.

Indeed good news , Mario .

And please Canadians ,don’t miss out on advocating for PWD around the May 2 Federal Election and VOTE

A discussion started several days ago in the Canadian Group …links are provided !!!.
called "May 2 Federal Election ;ask your candidates what they would do to improve the lives of Canadians living with Diabetes"
I will have to come back to the website of your mentioned petition later …it seems to take a long time to load ??

Post your petition in the Canadian Group as well ??

Mario, unable to visit the petition website …need your help ?

I tried it few minutes ago and it works. What happens to you when you tried ?

not enough patience on my part OR ??..I let it run for 8 minutes : slow loading …below the wording loading it states : " about:blank "

Very strange. Did you tried just once or you tried many times ?

4 th time …April 27 , then approx. 8 hours ago ,approx 5 hours ago and now…it ran from 6.01 pm - 6.12 …when I gave up …maybe our computer is strange :slight_smile: ??
Any idea if someone else tried …ie Tim , comment April 27 ?
I would like to help …a buddy of mine posted in the Canada Group about insulin pumps …pumping is dear to my heart