Good News!

My insurance company has taken the test strip limit ban off of my file.I no longer am restricted to 2400 test strips a year and can order as I need them.This has been such a worry about not being able to test when I need to.With having diabetes for so long I have hypoglycemia unawareness and it is difficult to sense when I am low,especially during work.Thank God!!

Congrats Dee! I also lost the ability to feel lows after years of living with this disease and I know what it feels like not to know. Before I knew there was such a condition my hubby and I would spend plenty of nights in the ER. Having enough strips available is very important.

Our EHB Plan , Pacific Blue Cross , wants GP to write yearly prescriptions for strips ...she does : 400 p/m ...this is a relatively new procedure here in BC , Canada ...glad to read your update Dee !!

Glad to hear about that Dee. Certainly 2400 strips a year is
not nearly enough.

Good news, indeed!

I promised myself not to get too silly when it comes to testing.I don't want to take it for granted.But I certainly will test when I feel the need.I guess the Insurance company didn't really know what I was doing with the test strips.Maybe they thought I was selling them on the street or something.I don't know but it has been a Godsend.