Good Numbers and Camp Fun

First I must report that the problem with Nikki’s blood sugar was not, apparently, the pump. Rather, it was the INSULIN – we must have gotten a bad supply the last time we filled the order. The morning we were leaving for camp we had had a terrible overnight so, in a last ditch effort not to cancel camp, Bryan went and got a new refill on the insulin and PRESTO perfect numbers.

Having said that, we had made tremendous changes to her correction factor, meal bolus and target BG. Because I was not 100% sure the problem was fixed, I was hesitant to change all those numbers back to what they were – UNTIL we had 2 major crashes at camp.

Nikki is a go-getter and a very competitive little thing so she was very busy at camp. The first crash was just after she had hiked quite a ways, zip-lined over two canyon areas, hiked up a hill and was on the return hike when she crashed. Thankfully, we were with a group of AMAZING leaders who had a golf cart magically appear and transport Nikki the rest of the way down the hill, to our dorm. She was up and at em’ again within 30 minutes – blobbing on the lake.

The following day we had a BAD (40) crash after a day of wall climbing and blobbing. Again, the staff at Cedarmore moved heaven and earth (almost literally) to get a golf cart to us, so I could get her back to our dorm. It was then that I felt completely justified in changing all of her ratios back to their original numbers – and we had no more crashes; AND we have had really great numbers since then. By-the-way, just like the day before Nikki was up and at em’ about 30 minutes after this crash; in a MUD PIT – Seriously.

We had a wonderful time at camp with old friends and made some new ones. One of Nikki’s best friends, Emily, gave her life to Christ during camp – something she has contemplated for 3 summers now – we are still praising the Lord for that decision.

Nikki is spending the night tonight with another of her best friends and has reported in some good numbers this evening. So things are pretty much back to normal….whatever that is.

God is Good! All the Time!