Middle School & Nikki

With the sudden death of our beloved, 8 year old Lab - Buddy, I 've been in a bit of a fog for the last 2 weeks. However, since the arrival of Hope, our 12 week old Jack Russell things have been a lot more 'up'. I was looking through my last few blogs (not including the article I posted yesterday) and realized I have not spoken one word about Nikki's new adventure in middle school!

Let me just sum up her first week of school in the words she used when she came home the first day “it was the best first day of school EVER” and that is how she continues to feel about the subject. I have had exactly one phone call from her since school began and that is wonderful!

Oh…wait…did I mention that Nikki’s new, wonderful school nurse has diabetes and wears an insulin pump? Did I mention (I think I have) that one of her closest friends is on her ‘team’ and in at least one of her classes AND she also as T1. Now hang on, that’s not all! She’s made another new friend who is in a couple of her classes and…you guessed it…she has T1! It’s like a mini diabetes camp every day. So things in that area are just great (knock on wood). It also helps that she’s been blessed with great teacher’s again this year.

We’ve had pretty consistent blood sugars in the mid to high 100’s except at night when they seem to be running higher. I’ll be adjusting her nighttime basal this evening and we’ll see how that helps.

After so much sad news lately, it’s awesome to think and share the wonderful things going on! We are continuing with our fundraising efforts - the walk is only 3 weeks away! THANK YOU to those of you who have already donated to our team, you are a blessing to millions of people! If you are able and would like to donate to our walk team you can access our team donation page and donate online by clicking the link at the top left side of our blog.

God is Good :-D.

that is awesome my sons school was such a battle ground 18 yrs ago and I was constantly battling the school system for a school nurse and they told me they did not have nor could the school system afford a full time nurse at school . so guess who had to go give insulin to him on her lunch time ? me and i had to leave work for it and my boss sure was the greatest guy about it . He told me one time he said to me what are you going to do let your kid die because you cant leave work ? go give him a shot and get out of here and I got paid for it . I wish I could find another boss like that . glad your daughter is doing so well and things are going so well for her and you .