Got my results back!

The day has finally come! I got my blood test results back from my c-peptide & antibody panel. Even though my appointment isn't until Monday I went & picked up a copy of the results. Even after waiting all this time, I couldn't wait a few more days. ;)

I tested positive for the antibodies and have a low c- peptide.

The actual appointment with the doctor is Monday. It's good to know what's going on with my body.

You sound like me, jriccardi! I figured out on my own that I had been misdiagnosed as Type 2 and was really Type 1. When I finally got to see an endo it was just a confirmation of what I already knew. I presented her with a list of five things that led me to know I was type 1 including my low c-peptide results. (I lived in Guatemala at the time and nobody had ever heard of antibodies!). She just checked off each item and said, "yes, you are type 1". It was such a validation of what I'd worked so hard to understand and I felt so pleased. It wasn't until I got home that I thought: "what am I nut, I'm happy to be a type 1???" LOL. Congrats on knowing what is going on. I just looked at your dx have been waiting a long time! Did they assume you were type 2 but put you on insulin anyway because orals didn't work?

I'm glad to hear that I'm not crazy... that I'm not the only one that was happy to get this diagnosis. :)

You're right, I have been waiting a LONG time. That's exactly right, they assumed I was type 2. I didn't believe I was. I was put on injections and then on a pump but no one ever did the proper blood tests. It's a weird feeling that I'm experiencing today. It's almost liberating.

Yep, that's exactly how I felt! I was ok on oral meds for about 15 months when my numbers started going up and up and that's when I went into research mode, and figured out I was Type 1. I'm glad you were put on shots, but still, it's so important to know your Type. Some people think it isn't, but I guess for those of us who were misdiagnosed maybe it's more so. Being Type 1 is a bit part of my identity. Looking at your pic, you were, what in your early 20's when they misdiagnosed you? I was 58, so they had a half an excuse for their ignorance!

Yeah, knowing what the issue is is always the first step to dealing with it. Congrats on finally knowing.

I had to beg to be but on injections (after seeing 2 doctors, I finally got 1 to agree to insulin). It's certainly been a long road getting here.

Right on target- I was 22 when I was told I was type 2. The diagnosis felt wrong to me from the very beginning.

Thanks for relating to me. It's nice to chat with others that have stood where I'm standing now!

I mean, "type 1 is a big part of my identity" not "a bit part of my identity"!

I'm not even T1, but some time ago it became unmistakably clear that oral meds, diet and exercise were never going to be enough to give me normal BGs. I had to ask for insulin; fortunately I found a doctor who admits he doesn't know everything and wants to work with me, not be my boss. I've been on insulin for just under a year and I wish I had done it a decade ago. (Footnote: Joslin puts all newly dx'd T2s on insulin immediately. Duh!)

Hi jriccardi! Please let us know how your endo appt goes tomorrow! You must be so relieved to have confirmation that you have antibodies and a low c-peptide like you suspected! I have my very first appt. with an endo tomorrow, too! I think I may be LADA, but right now, my GP is saying I'm prediabetic for Type 2. I don't fit the risk factors for Type 2, but do fit the profile for T1/LADA, so I really want to have the antibody/c-pep testing done. I'm worried that the endo won't want to test me for antibodies until my numbers are "worse." I'm crossing my fingers she is well-versed in LADA and the advantages of starting insulin early to help preserve beta cell function. Best of luck tomorrow!! Please report back after your appointment! :)

Hi jriccardi: Let us know how your endo appointment goes! I have written several blogs that you may find useful (my top ten tips for the newly diagnosed person with adult-onset Typ... and "Bill of Rights" for those with adult-onset T1.

For most people, it is a huge relief to finally get a correct diagnosis--it answers a lot of questions.

Thanks so much! It does feel good to have those test results back. I'm not sure if it's because I haven't officially heard it from the endo yet, that there are so many questions that keep popping up- like is it for sure type 1/lada?? My appointment is at 4 o'clock today.

Thanks Melitta! I'll check that out! I feel like today is such a big day for me. :)

I think it's sad there seems to be such a negative light on insulin therapy. People think if you are on insulin your D is "out of control" or "worse" than someone else- like insulin is the last effort to help control D. I've had a doctor tell me that insulin would in fact be a last effort for me. I felt like my body was TOTALLY failing me- like I had been defeated.