Grain Carbs vs. Fruit Carbs

In general, I do my best to minimize the carbs. I'll eat a cucumber rather than a piece of cake, I'll make myself an egg rather than a sandwich.

On Monday, I brought a very large salad for lunch. The salad was probably half lettuce and half other stuff (canned corn, black beans, and avocado). I didn't realize it until after, but I probably ate about 50g of carbs from that salad.

The funny thing is, I never spiked. I think I hung around 120 for the rest of the day. It could've been from the fiber, or from the protein, but generally speaking that number of carbs will make me high no matter what else I'm eating.

The next day I did it again (I'd prepared the container already and I decided to see if it was a fluke). The same thing happened.

Yesterday I brought a very small container of leftover Dreamfields pasta from dinner. In my former life (before last year), I'd eat a whole box with no issues. Yesterday? I was definitely high during the conference I was sitting in on (I didn't want to disturb them by unzipping my backpack to find my meter when I knew I was high, anyway). After a long walk back to the lecture I was attending (on the other side of the hospital, thank you), I was 136, a little more than two hours after eating. That number was definitely down from what it had been before.

I've noticed this trend in the past--if the carb comes from a grain, it's much more likely to annoy my blood sugar than a fruit will. I've been eating pears and nectarines almost every day, with an occasional mango or apple. I can't say that fruit never makes me high, but grain carbs are pretty much guaranteed when over a certain amount (so are sweet potatoes for some ungodly reason--and I don't even look at white potatoes).

Does anyone else have this? Is anyone else here more sensitive to the cars from grains than from fruits or other carb sources?

Yes, by far. I often don’t even need to use rapid insulin unless the carbs come from grains ie. “fast carbs”

I have to tell you, even if you believe that Dreamfields is "protected" carbs, they explicitly tell you not to overcook or reheat the pasta as it destroys the "protection."

That being said, I seem to be much more sensitive to certain grains like wheat.

i am the same, much more prone to spikes if my carbs are from bread and pasta and rice-what a shame!

I knew not to overcook it, but I never heard about reheating it! (Not that I really heated it up, because I couldn't get the microwave to work.) That's a good thing to keep in mind, for lasagna and stuff.

Generally speaking, I don't eat it all that much. I don't even eat pasta all that much in general--like so many other things that are carby, my taste for them has been ruined by highs.

Yes, I think this is true for most of us. I can eat fruit and bolus for it decently, but need to limit servings. But pasta is pretty unpredictable for me and I don't eat it very often at all. Potatoes are a bit easier. Rice and cereal are absolutely impossible and I no longer eat them. We all have our personal "impossible" foods, but I think grains impact most of us more than fruit or vegies.