Great-Auntie's Book and Beverage Club?

UPDATE: I am going to be delayed on this virtual book club kick-off because I had an opportunity today to go out of town in order to hear the incomparable classical guitarist from Brazil, Odair Assad, perform his mesmerizing music. I'm hard at work reading Dr. Bernstein's new edition and will make my first "Great-Auntie's Book and Beverage" post tomorrow. I'm so glad I took the time to hear Odair Assad twice this weekend (Friday in Seattle, Sunday in Bellingham.) He is an international treasure with enough gray in his hair that you won't want to put off the chance to hear him perform if he ever comes to a town near you. Life is short but sweet, eh?


Hey, y'all.

I just got the newest edition of Dr. Bernstein's "Diabetes Solution" (published in 2011) and its arrival gave me a grand idea.

I'd like to read it cover-to-cover again, with what the Buddhists refer to as "beginner's mind" -- that is, really study each chapter as if I'd never read it before and be sure that I give it a fair airing unspoiled by preconceptions and resisting all urges to skip over things.

One of the ways that people achieve insane goals like my own is to participate in a book club, to read/re-read and discuss books of note with other book-loving folks (e.g. the classics you may have read 100 years ago in high school or freshman lit.)

As life can be busy -- and diabetes-related books are often dense with facts -- rather than doing the usual book club grind of a book per month (!) I'd like to invite you to join me in reading/studying a few chapters per week (one to three, depending on how meaty) and then discuss it here. I'll post something each Sunday and we can take it from there.

There will be no beating upon people who didn't do the reading, of course. The diabetes food-police are hard enough without adding in the book-police!

First up: The forward, preface, his biography and Chapter One -- Diabetes: The Basics. That's everything through page 54 (which gives anyone who wants to join in time to get their hands on a copy, too.) I'll post my thoughts about all of that material on Sunday, March 4th and I'll invite and welcome your thoughts, ideas, input, etc.

FYI - I am not posting this in the Bernstein group for two reasons:

1) I want it to be accessible to people who are new to Dr. Bernstein,


2) After his book, I'd like to move on to "How to Think Like a Pancreas", or "Using Insulin", or "Diabetes Burnout" or other diabetes-related books of note.

The drink you choose to imbibe while participating in Great-Auntie's Book and Beverage Club is your choice -- just test often, don't forget to bolus and have fun. ;0)