Book Review: The Book of Better, by Chuck Eichten

The Book of Better is like a graphic novel, filled with images, icons, pictures, drawings and graphs. It's really cute stuff! There's a funny horse who can't stop eating, and there's Bad Thing No. 5: "that's so not what happened last time", and there's an AWESOME calendar that explains on which days of the month we should move (all of them). No page is just a page of words, and I think that's a nice change from the more common, heavier, denser format in which information about diabetes is usually presented. It's also a refreshing change from glossy photos of food, joggers, and people grinning over their wonderful glucometer readings.

I have a slew of favorite pictures and quotes in this book, and that's rare for me. The entire section on movement is hilarious, from the ridiculously complicated flow chart detailing the benefits of movement (including "pants fit better" and "skimpier clothing", among more diabetes-specific benefits) to the page entitled "If you can find time to get dressed every day, you can find time to move".

Even though this book is funny and filled with silly pictures, I think it's also quite informative and compelling. Eichten backs up his assertions with actual science, very clearly and concisely presented. He defines types 1 and 2 diabetes and the differences between them, discusses blood sugar control, insulin therapy, nutrition... all in a compassionate, humorous and entertaining way. It's truly a fun AND informative read!

That sounds like a great book! It's been awhile since I've read a diabetes book of any sort, I read a few when I got my pump and very occasionally look stuff up but it would probably be useful to read another book one of these days? I have such a backlog though!

Are there any discussions/forums on here where book recommendations are listed? I tried doing a search and couldn't find anything concise but I would love a few recommendations.

A creatively presented book. Sounds wonderful. Ugh, those pics of glowing models with zero body fat with big smiles enjoying diabetes. Want to put those on a dart board.

Hey Emily..

I got a copy of this sent over from the states a couple of months back, great little book.

I donated my copy to the local diabetes education centre, but was definately a good read.

I too loved the book! I just finished reading it. I wrote about the "Book of Better" on Amazon.

BTW, we are having Chuck join us for a video-chat on TuDiabetes, May 25. RSVP for the video event!