Has anyone recycled their OmniPod throw-aways? What is recyclable? And how do you go about it? I have old pods, the plastic containers they came in, the little syringes and some Dexcom plastic stuff too. Is it all recyclable?

Insulet has a pod recycling program, call the customer service number and ask about it. They send you a bag that holds 50 pods and a FedEx envelop to mail them in. The hitch is that the kit costs $8.
The plastic cases are recyclable like any other household plastic bottle or jug. We have curbside pickup of recyclables so I just put those in with my empty soda bottles, milk jugs, paper, etc.

I had one return FedEx label that had expired, so be careful...

Thanks for the info! I will save the old pods until I get close to the 50 mark and then request the kit.


You might already be doing this, but the pods have batteries in them which should be removed and disposed of separately from your average recycle bin.

I've been doing the recycle program and am glad to do it. I've set up the recycle kit to arrive with my 3 month shipment of pods (although the first, and only, one so far didn't arrive with them.) After so many years of MDI and the volumes of pen needles and syringes I was tossing, I'm glad to have a smaller amount of waste AND have it recycled properly.