Guess what? I'm baxk!

Hey folks instead of writing ppl personaly just wanted to let everybody know I had some familt things to take care of in the last 3 days and now I’m back (No computer access where I was at)

That’s back. Guess I need to turn on the lights. LOL!

Hi Doris!! :smiley: Happy that you have returned. Good to take time off to settle the Family stuff occasionally. I hope that all your injuries have healed or close to it.

Welcome Back! Hope everything is ok.

Doris …this is a great way of letting folks know !! …
Our comp. was off …sick with something ??..glad you are back :slight_smile: …darn …on the keyboard X too close to C !!!

Not having computer access is like having a nightmare! I am glad that your are bax, even if you did spell it wrong!