Guilt with Type 2 Diabetes?

I was reading in the Wall Street Journal about bike racing Team Type 1. In the article, it mentioned the differences between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. (That makes Manny happy, I know!)

The article said about Type 2, “It is linked to obesity and often can be prevented and controlled with diet and exercise.”

Do such statements make you feel guilty about having Type 2 diabetes? Do you feel like others are pointing a finger at you and saying, “Well, it’s your own fault for having Type 2 diabetes.”

If you do not feel guilt, when reading or hearing such statements, why don’t you?

I think about that a lot. Some here know my situation - diagnosed with DKA and a good number of symptoms typical of Type 1 diabetes, but because of several factors (to cut a long story short), my endo is not sure if I have T1 or T2 and so I’m waiting to get my c-peptide test results and hopefully some answers to this mystery.

I confess I’m probably at the highest possible risk for T2. Overweight (NOT obese. I calculated my BMI), Asian, family history of T2 (grandma and cousin on the maternal side), formerly sedentary lifestyle (trying not to slide back into it now that school has opened and I get tired easily with the workload). And so I did promise myself to be calm when my endo formally diagnoses me as either T1 or T2.

However, I have secretly hoped that she will tell me its T1 so I don’t have to blame my unhealthy lifestyle habits (which ARE changing for the better) and can just put the blame on my own immune system. Even when I was first diagnosed, the first thing I did when I was conscious enough to know I’m diabetic, I blamed myself for it.

I’m extremely scared of people pointing fingers at me and telling me it’s my own doing. I don’t deserve diabetes. Neither do you, but sometimes it just happens due to genetics or lifestyle or whatsoever. I think that’s something I am really afraid of.

So yes, I think there is some element of guilt for me even though I call myself an unknown diabetic. I always wonder if there would’ve been a different outcome should I have taken better care of my health. But diabetes is now always going to be a part of my life and so I have to suck it up and live.

Sometimes both. Mainly just stress. and then sometimes my own “pertinacity”! LOL!
My husbands one word for my diabetes is that I am “Pertinacious.” ( More stubborn than most:D
I’m eating right today… exercise? running after the kids and doing the normal stuff for a mom with 6 kids at home. LOL! My bloodsugar numbres today?
They STINK! I have no idea why.
Guilty? why? I havent done anything wrong for it today.
When I do cheat and eat… Guilty? Nope! Just "pertinacious!"
My fault? hmmmm I think genetics plays large part in our lives. (at least 50/50) So. I’ll take a "very small dose of “my fault.” I think when I finally learned about nutrition was when I had to start "owning up to my part."
I love the way you all help me to think this “dis - ease” mess all the way through:) At least my mind should be healthy:)

I always wonder if a person doesn’t get obese because they have Type 2 diabetes, rather than obesity causing Type 2. But, I feel that non-Type 2 people treat us like they might treat people, who have had lung cancer because they smoked cigarettes their entire lives. “You ate. You got fat. You got Type 2.” I don’t think that’s a very fair generalization or assumption. Isn’t it enough to feel guilty about being over-weight without having others add more guilt by blaming you for your own Type 2 diabetes?

yeah, i sometimes feel like that too. good thing for me, my friends and family are wonderful, loving and supportive. they know it is not my fault that i’m diabetic, at the age of 20, no less! i know i have people to run to to whine about all this horrible stuff. so they may not understand completely but at least i know i have many shoulders to wet.

I just wanted to say that NO ONE should feel at all guilty about their diabetes. It is not anyone’s fault!!! It’s hard enough to manage on a day to day basis, without adding guilt and blame to the mix. Let yourself off the hook, and take control. That should make you feel better physically & emotionally.

I always point out to people that there are other risk factors for type 2 besides weight. There’s age, ethnicity, body shape, and having family members with diabetes. And none of those are anything a person can control.

I think guilt is something that’s hard to control. My mother is convinced she gave me type 1 by feeding me cow’s milk at too early an age. No matter how often I show her studies that show that that’s not likely, she can’t stop blaming herself.

Intellectually I don’t think being fat=you are at fault for your diabetes, but emotionally I guess I do. Because I haven’t really told anyone except my husband yet. I don’t want to have to tell anyone, I’m already asthmatic and allergic…it’s just one more reason to label me, and I don’t want another label. I don’t know how long I can go on not telling anyone, that’s stupid. I just don’t want to face anyone’s opinions of me.

I’m with you, Halle, on not wanting one more “sickie” label. I already walk with a brace because of drop foot from a genetic back problem. I, too, have asthma. Have hypothyroidism. Also, have dealt with poly-cystic ovary disease since I was a teen. Come to find out, research is showing that many women with PCO disease end up with Type 2 diabetes.

Many healthy people just don’t seem to get it. They think too many trips to DQ=Type 2.

Well, I don’t have type 2 diabetes, but I only learned that 7 years after I was diagnosed with Type 2. Since I had been normal weight all my life until AFTER my blood sugar went blooey, I never bought into the blame thing. But it did impell me to do some research to see what the truth was.

Whhat I learned pretty much backed up my suspicions: You need to have an underlying medical condition to get diabetes. It ISN’T caused by obesity. Most people who are obese NEVER develop diabetes. And there’s some evidence that it is the underlying disorder that CAUSES the obesity found in those diagnosed not the other way around.


It really annoys me the way that the media parrot the idea that diabetes is caused by gluttony and sloth. It hurts a lot of people, and more than that, it keeps people from getting diagnosed early, because people are so afraid that a diagnosis will label them as morally inferior.

Thanks for that link! I get frustrated when people tell me that Type 1s have diabetes naturally and Type 2s brought it on themselves. grrrrrr.

I think that my being over weight helped bring my diabetes on, which I was already at risk for due to a family history of Type 2. My mother, who was over weight, was diagnosed with Type 2 (in her mid 60’s). My father was diagnosed with Type2 while serving in the US Air Force. He was not over weight, and was in his late 20’s.

I feel that others do judge us. With so many of them have bad eating and drinking habits, I expect at least some of them will join us. People can think what they want. I am striving to control my Type 2.

I think people do judge us but I need to work on not feeling guilty about having diabetes Type 2.

we are all snowflakes. and personally, it would be silly to say d2 magically appeared in my life. i made bad choices, i didn’t exercise and was seriously overweight. i was warned and i didnt listen. there are many d2 who don’t feel that way and i respect them. but i am talking about me. as i slowly changed my lifestyle things started to go better. but this is a constant battle.

Today I was telling my Dog that he is a Dog because that’s what God made him and that it wasn’t his fault.

Type 2 should not be brainwashed by typical conventional misinformation and moralizing. The scientific fact is that the proclivity to type 2 is one of the causes of weight gain. The type 2 tendancy is in our genes. Certainly, one must live with and adjust to our reality. The tendency is our cross to bear so to speak. Thus, we must be careful what we eat and do more exercise than people without the tendency to getting type 2.

But, don’t listen to those who have mistaken cause and effect: you have type 2 because you’re fat and lazy. It’s simply not true.

Our situation and our disease is very different from type 1. They don’t come from a higher moral ground at all, though many seem to think so, especially when condescending to type 2 people.

So, I say do the best you can, don’t be hard on yourself, never feel guilty about your type 2, and ignore the pontifications of the misinformed.

Too funny!

I do think about it a lot… and it bothers me because it is NOT linked to obesity, it can be exacerbated by obesity, and there’s a BIG difference. There HAS to be something there already (ie, genes), before something like obesity can put Diabetes into play. Lots, and lots of obese people will live their full life, and NEVER develop Diabetes… and even many thin people, with perfect diets and exercise regimens, will go on to develop Type 2 (and no, I don’t mean misdiagnosed as Type 2.) Obesity, in itself, affects every other disease, almost, and you rarely see people harassing people about other issues… For example, if someone has MS, and their condition got exacerbated or made worse by their obesity, you don’t see ANYONE saying that they got their MS because they were fat… It just boggles the mind.

So look at them and say admonishingly “well it’s YOUR fault you have blue eyes, curly hair, whatever”

Way to go, mollyjade! Well said!