Hair loss and diabetes?

I was just recently diagnosed officially in September this year... However, understanding the honeymoon phase and all that, I've noticed for the past few years my hair has been thinning... Could this be tied into Diabetes effects???? When I say thinning I don't mean balding or spots just much thinner head of hair over the past few years... I'm not old enough to really be having the hair issues like this so just wondering if it has ever been tied together? (so to speak)

Yes! Me too! My hair is just not as full…I’ve been wondering the same thing…

What you might most likely have is the accompanying Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (a form of Autoimmune Hypothyroidism) that affects many persons with Type 1 Diabetes – and this causes thinning hair, hair loss, dry skin, etc. Get your thyroid antibody levels checked.