Hair Loss?

Okay, I’m not trying to sound all vain and stuff, but I’ve been experiencing some serious hair loss over the past six months. It seemed to coincide with a change in my shampoo, but I’m wondering if it’s also hormonal or maybe a reaction to a switch in insulins?

I was using a Pantene product for about 2 months when the hair loss started to clog the drain during a shower every single day. I figured it was the shampoo, so I switched and the hair loss has slowed, but it has not stopped.

I have had the same diabetes care and control over the past two or three years- nothing new there as far as control.

I was on Apidra for only 3 months or so earlier this year. The hair loss started happening about 2 weeks after I switched back to Humalog. Wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them?

My diet has not changed.

My entire family blood line has a nice, thick, wavy hair.

At this point, my hair reaches my waist, but it’s no longer strong. When I put it into a ponytail, it is now limp and thin. I would say that the entire diameter of my hair pulled together would be no bigger than a dime, where it used to be well over a half dollar.

I’m growing frustrated because (again this sounds vain), but I put a lot of care into my hair and to lose it is very scary to me. I have a lumpy head!

Has anyone else experienced hair loss from diabetes and/or new medications? Can this be a side effect?

Thanks and sorry for complaining about something so stupid. I’m just freaking out.

EDIT: forgot to mention that my hair is growing back in, so I’m assuming that it isn’t permenant hair loss which means it can’t be genetic (I don’t think?) So, I"m guessing it was some kind of reaction to something.

EDIT: I have been experiencing random weight loss, but nothing huge. About 10 pounds in the past 3 months.

I’ve been reading up on Celiacs and trying to self diagnose (because I’m chickensh*t and don’t want to go through a biopsy right now) I will be talking with my Endo in January during my regular check up.

I forgot to mention that my hair is growing back in, so I’m assuming that it isn’t permenant hair loss which means it can’t be genetic (I don’t think?) So, I"m guessing it was some kind of reaction to something.

thank you. I will look into it and find out if it will work for me. It’s nice when hair is strong and full, huh?

Have you had your thyroid tested recently? A thyroid problem can cause hair loss too.

:frowning: yeah, that’s true. I don’t THINK I’ve been any more stressed out than usual. sigh I wish there was some kind of detector that would tell me EXACTLY what is wrong w me. There are too many “could bes” and “maybes” You know?

Very good point…also undiagnosed and untreated Celiac can cause hair loss. Both things we should all be screened for…common to get checked for hypo/hyper thyroid…but, most of us not checked for celiac disease. Just some thoughts…so many things can cause temporary hair loss. Yes…and I too had this start about my 30’s and never knew why…and found out in my 40’s I had Celiac. Takes about 6mo-yr to heal one’s GI tract…thinking that hair should regrow…waiting:)

As far as I know my thyroid is still in tact. My Endo tests it on a six month basis and he has said that it is still working well. Good point, though.

I didn’t even consider Celiac. Is this genetic? Or does it kind of go “hand in hand” with T1D? Because my T1D is first generation for my family and I’m wondering if Celiac is something that I should worry about, or is it another condition that is “russian roulet”? What are the odds?

Yes celiac is a possibility too. My mother and daughter have celiac and celiac is common with diabetics as well. If your hair continues to fall out I would talk to your DR about it at your next appt. I have had problems with hair loss as well off and on. I thought it was my thryoid because it runs in my family as well and because I was having most symptoms of a thyroid problem. I found out it was my Vitamin D levels. Since I started the prescription Vitamin D several months ago, I am feeling much better and most symptoms I was experiencing have subsided. I believe low Vitamin D levels can cause hair loss as well and many other issues. Its very common for diabetics and many people to have low Vit. D levels. So maybe have your Vitamin D levels checked as well. Maybe your B-12 too. I know my DR tested my B-12 levels…came back normal but still should may be looked into.

Do you expect your thyroid to fail? I do my blood test regularly but I did not think that I could be affected by thyroid failure. That surprises me a bit. Can this happen even after living more than 20 years with D?

yes…stacey has made some good points as well. Celiac is much more common in T1’s (thinking 3x as common…but, cannot remember) and one of the genes for T1 is the same as for Celiac. As Stacey has pointed out …T1 much more likely to have decreased Vit D levels although they are not certain why…is it increased need, decreased absorption (celiac, renal, etc.) or skrewed up genes. I too came back w/ a low level and started taking 4,000mg/d to bring my levels up. I think recs are for 5,000/d for diabetes w/ low levels to get you back to high normal blood values…docs do it a lot of different ways (even in massive doses 1x/mo; per week). I took higher amounts for about 4 months and then settled on about 5,000/d (cheapest and best quality I could find was 2g tablets…so, by default taking 4g/d) as my daily intake. Will let you know if my values come back next week as much better or what. Again, docs prescribe different amounts or just say “take Vit D”. Why is this important…because Vit D plays an important role in immunity. Those who have suboptimal Vit D levels tend to get more infections, etc.

No, I don’t expect it to. No one in my family has thyroid issues that I’m aware of. However, I guess a lot T1Ds have issues with thyroids? I’m not sure what the link is, but my Endo checks it regularly, even when I didnt ask him to. :frowning: Guess it’s better safe than sorry?

I’m writing a letter to my doc right now (I see him again next month but I have a terrible memory when it comes to symptoms and such) asking him to check my B12 & D levels.

The only symptom I have for Celiac’s is the bloating in my stomach and water retention. I’ve been struggling with the water retention for about 3 years now (I want to say?), but I’ve been losing about 10 lbs per 3 months- without trying to. My appetite is really small, though. I very rarely eat and when I do eat, it isn’t much.

Well…bloating in the stomach can definatly be related to celiac as well as weight loss(without trying). By the time my mom was diagnosed with celiac (in her 30’s) she looked extremely sick and was skin and bones. She went to 4 DR’s before one figured out she had celiac…but that was 15 yrs ago too. Memory loss can be related to low Vit. D levels because that was what I was experiencing quite a bit of. I had to constantly write notes to myself to remember everything it seemed. My short term memory was the worst before starting the Vit.D supplements. Its good you’re writing a letter. One more thing…birth control pills can also cause hair loss either while on them or after stopping them. Just throwing one more possibility out there.

Thyroid disease is related to T1 because it is an autoimmune disease…thought is that all of the autoimmune diseases share many of the same genetic mutations. Not certain if we are less likely to develop thyroid disease…if we have lived a long time without it. Good thing to check. I do know that many people get thyroid disease later in life. My dad has it…I do not yet. He obviously does not have T1…I do. He has Alzheimer’s (also known to be autoimmune and most recently, identified as a third type of autoimmune diabetes = T3), RA and a rarer type of autoimmune anemia. Interestingly, my dad’s bgs have crept up but the docs will not consider giving him a insulin receptor uploading drug to see if it improves cognitive function…trying to find him a different doc at the moment. I suspect all of these share genes w/ my diabetes. I recently participated in a study at the teaching hospital in town which acknowledged that T1s develop many of these diseases secondarily…later in life. If you sign up for the Faustman studies…they give you the same questionnaire.

Hey Patricia. Such good information, thank you.
I actualy just got back from Dr Faustman’s lab last week. I donated blook and am hoping to be accepted into the Phase II trials once she has adequate funding.

I don’t like the idea of developing MORE diseases and I’m worried that my Endo won’t know enough to keep checking for new developments. I kind of take it upon myself to inform him of changes to my body and symptoms that may or may not be important. I’m hoping it’s enough.

I’m also wicked fearful of medications, so I’m going to end up only trying the stuff that is NECESSARY to live… or to keep my hair in tact. :slight_smile:

i’m jealous… i’m 24 and i’m going bald… on the plus side i have always had very short hair so i can deal with the recession


So it sounds like it’s likely low Vit D and possibly Celiacs. I hope it’s nothing serious. Just frustrating and stressful.

No on the birth control. haha. I haven’t been on that since I was 17. It used to make me wicked sick. :slight_smile:

Keep the thoughts coming! This is good stuff! I almost feel better just talking about it because it feels like I’m getting closer to a solution. It’s very stress relieving.

Yes you can be diagnosed later in life(whether diabetic or not) with a thyroid problem. Both my mom and grandmother were diagnosed with thyroid problems later in life. Actually my mom just discovered last week she has a thyroid problem. My grandmother also has Type 2 diabetes but the thyroid problem was found many years after being diagnosed with diabetes. My family is an autoimmune mess!!! LOL :wink:

Yeah, i just sent my friend to the doctor because he is showing all symptoms of TB. I know he doesn’t HAVE TB, but he’s showing all the same symptoms including night sweats and weight loss and fatigue, increased appetite, etc. But, he’s been to the doctor 2 times over the past year and done extensive blood work, but they can’t find anything.

It’s so scary!