Hair loss?

I’ve been diagnosed only abotu 5 days ago and have started glyburide 3 days ago. Is hair loss normal? Will it stop? It’s not like clumps are falling out. My hair does seem to shed normally for some reason but it seems a little more than usual.

Amy,my hair sheds in summer,and not in winter,just like my cat bombom ( a boy).When we worry we may think normal things are getting abnormal. Best wishes

Hi Amy,
Hair thinning can be due to a lot of things. One of the common causes can be your thryoid and that is easily checked and may already be one of the things your doc has checked. Ask him/her. Another common cause is specific medications. Once again, ask your doc about the thinning hair. It may seem like a silly question to ask, but everything gives your doc a better picture of what all is going on with you. I would strongly suggest starting a list of questions and keeping it in your log book where you write down each day’s results from what you eat and your blood sugar readings.

After I was first diagnosed my hair shed quite a bit. My doctor felt that it was from the stress my body was under. I had been diagnosed and started college all in about three weeks! It stopped thinning as fast and I have thick hair!

I was Dx’ed 5 months ago, and my hair has been falling out too. It got to the stage that if I ran a brush through my hair, that brush would then be covered in hair. I decided to chop it really short, so I don’t need to brush it any more. Now I just wash it, run a comb through it, and use a bit of gel and I’m done for the day.

Hey Amy, my daughter was Dignosed in Feb, 08 and did have some hair loss shortly thereafter, I guess everyone is different. She was in DKA and I believe that has something to do with it. The only thing for sure I can tell you is it will stop! Her hair did not come out in clumps, it more or less just thinnned out, but now 7 months later she has lots of new hair growth. We also got her hair cut to see if that would help, not sure if it did. Does your hair/head hurt? She complained about her head hurting. Make sure you mention this to your doctor, our doctor said it was stress, but hair loss is normal for some, when first being diagnosed with Diabetes. Take care, hope this helps…

Hi Amy

A month after I was diagnosed my hair started falling out at an alarming rate for three weeks. Then it completely stopped and has been fine ever since. I think it might have been some sort of post tramatic stress symptom.

I have hypothyroidism along with diabetes. Hair loss is a symptom of a slow thyroid. I swear you could build a wig from the hair I loose each week.

Lots of things can cause hair loss. Maybe your doc can do blood tests to find out what might or might not be causing it.

hi sohair,
thanks. i knew it was a boy! bombom is a cute name!

Hi Saundra,
Listing is a GREAT idea!
thank you,

hi megan,
thanks. i didn’t plan it like you did but i just cut my hair short right before my diagnosis. everbody thinks it’s so cute! i guess the hair loss would seem worse if my hair were longer. maybe it’s the medicine? could be stess? as long as we look good!! lol!!

Hi Debb,
i’m so glad you got yours back. mine has already seemed to subside. i think it’s stress too. and a lot of people seem to think it’s all my body changes. i guess i really should just wait till i level out at least. my last bs was 424. still have to see my dr for the second apt. i’ll ask questions to him then.

sorry to hear of your troubles. that’s all you need after getting sick for your husband to leave. you sound like a strong person and have gotten through a lot already. hold on and be strong!

thanks, amy:)

hi micky,
no pain for me. i think it’s stopped a little. I will ask my doc on my second, next apt, oct 2. I guess i should focus on getting my bs down for now. it’s still 424.

thanks, amy:)

Thanks Maureen,
but yet you still have a nice head of hair? I’ve always seemed to shed but always had a decent hair day usually. Just shedding double the other day. already today it seems less.