Diabetes and hair loss

I am loosing my hair due to diabetes. I think this is a common problem for diabetes. I consulted the doctor for this and he said that it is due to the stress and it will be grown back. I am very much worried about this. It has got to the point where I find large number of hairs coming out I comb or wash my hair. This is so upsetting and frustrating. I’ve had very thick hair but now it has gone so thin that I am thinking of consulting a specialist of any hair restoration clinic. Please share your suggestions.

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I think you stated the problem is the stress, you can do something about that. The Diabetes, not so much. Part of the process is coming to grips that you have this disease that you have to and can control. Once you get to that point hopefully the stress will diminish. Ask doc if there is something he can recommend for stress. It takes a while to get the hang of this thing but you’ll see more people that do every day here on this forum and you will be part of that group someday.

Please get your thyroid cgecked. Low thyroid is a common comorbidity with diabetes, and can cause hair loss.


In my case, I’m always losing hair during fall (like dogs, I shed). The first two years, I had severe hair loss at that period of the year. Now, it’s back to normal and I gain some hair mass back but never as much as initially. Was it stress? I think it was issues with vitamin D deficiency which took 2 years to solve and recover from. Wish you all the luck!

I have had diabetes for almost 9 years. My hair is much thinner.now than it was 9 years ago. I think some of it is the metformin and some of it is my low carb diet with no grains or fruit. I am experimenting with adding some carbs back to thicken my hair. I also take extra B complex and biotin everyday.

Dollyjames, I would also have your thyroid checked. Hypothyroidism made my hair fall out, pretty much by the handful… I remember once getting my groceries checked out, when the cashier said to me–loudly!–Your hair is falling out! And also, like V11, it falls out gradually seasonally.

Ironically (or not for me, since I seem to be always weird!) - my hair was thinning for several years before Dx – and filled in when I was taking metformin. Unfortunately, that good side-effect went away with the bad ones when I had to stop taking metformin :frowning:

Try Biotin and see if that helps. I have had the same issue.

Unfortunately,my loss is probably attributed to male pattern baldness.
I’ve had Type II for 16 years and started thinning 10 years ago.
My wife’s hair is thing quite a bit too and no diabetes.
Some good suggestions here. Hopefully some will work.

Mine is just kinda migrating from my head to my shoulders and back


I think my hair loss happened at the same time I made my transition to insulin. My levels were high then. When my A1C came down, my hair loss improved. I started Biotin over 2 months ago and my nails are a lot stronger now.