Hair under Sensors

In the Dexcom manual, it says to shave before putting a sensor on to make it stick better. I ignored this advice, but really noticed, with the backing off the adhesive when I was trying to position to put the sensor down, that my hairs stood up when the adhesive was by them. I ended up putting the sensor down starting in the direction away from how they grow to try to stop them from going all weird on me.

That was my first sensor, and it is in my arm. I am a pretty hairy guy. I am planning to try sensors in a bunch of different places in case one is better than the other. But if I’m going to try my abdomen, there’s no way I can shave it, since I’m ticklish. Have any of you found that it really makes a difference, shaving or not? I would have thought that hair being there would help it to stick, since it’s the hair that makes band aids and such so painful to get off.

I shave! I use my belly and get 14-21 days per sensor with no troubles. I use an electric razor and shave my belly about once per week. I rotate sides - pump and CGM - when they both come due at the same time (within six hours or so).

I have to say…I ALWAYS shave before putting a sesor in, and also before puttiing my omnipod on! I dont think there is an issue with pod/sesor performance, for me it is just the pain of ripping off the sensor/pod at the end of its life…I am a bit of a whimp when it comes to that! and, as you can see (left) I have alot of hair!

I usually shave, but not just before because if I swab with alcohol right after shaving it hurts like &$^#@! If I don’t shave, it usually hurts to remove the sensor (or my OmniPod).