Halloween! I love halloween

This is my second halloween as a diabetic and man oh man I love candy. This is going to be tough! I want to eat some Nerds! and Peppermint Patties are my biggest weakness.

Hi Christy,
I don’t knw how you feel about sugar free candy, but York Peppermint Patties are my favorite candy. They make these sugar free ones that i like better than the regular ones. They come in small bags and are about the same size as the small regular ones in a bag. The difference is that you don’t want to eat more than about 3 of the sugar free ones. I try to limit me to one small bag of these a month. And I make them last as long as I can. Sometimes I weaken and buy me a bag after only two weeks. But then I will be really good for a while. I don’t seem to want the regular ones anymore I think I might be tempted by chocolate covered pecans though. Good luck.

Halloween USED to be my favorite holiday (next to april 1). It kills me to see all the candy I can’t eat that I used to love. I can’t just settle for one little one, I am weak so I avoid it completly. I was diagnosed the day after halloween and never got to eat my stash that year. It was still waiting for me when I returned from the hospital. I used to really like the day after halloween when all the leftover candy went half price. Ahh, wasted holiday for me. I might as well be at work.

Half the candy was good, half was crap. Most of the time we had to portion it out and it would last almost to Thanksgiving. Most of the good stuff would be gone in two weeks, though.

Now, I rarely eat candy because of all the crap ingredients in it (high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oils, etc.) High quality chocolate bars are an exception. Also, about a year after diagnosis I had an issue with protein-deficiency anemia, and I find that a few brands and flavors of protein bars taste like candy but are much better for me overall.

More interesting to me nowadays is considering costumes… but there are so many events I do in very particular costumes/garb that they (1) become normal and not-costume to the crowds I run with, and (2) it becomes hard for me to think outside the box and do something completely fantasy, or to do a period other than my usual periods and not worry about historical accuracy…

I love Hallowe’en too. I go a bit overboard turning the front entrance into a spooky place for the tricker treaters every year, with ghosties, goblins, and spooky soundtracks.

I usually buy a horde of good candy on sale afterwards that I use throughout the year for treating lows or for keeping my bgl’s up where I need them when I’m working out.

I think I have a unique idea for a Hallowe’en costume… the kicker is, very few people who are not involved in the diabetes community will “get it”…