Hand neuropathy

Almost all of the information I find is related to neuropathy of the feet. While I do have some Neuropathy in my feet, it is the neuropathy in my hands that is more debilitating. I find that I am hyper sensitive to textures on materials. I also find that my grip feels weaker when the nerves respond to lids on bottles and other products that have ridges. After reading all the literature I have so far I sometimes feel like I am alone with this pain and it doesn't help when non-diabetics look at me like I am crazy when I try to describe the reason I don't want to touch something. For over a year we had this couch in our living room that I did not like to touch because the texture of the couch caused me discomfort to my hands. At the time I thought I was allergic to the fabric I did not know I had neuropathy.
What I would like to know other taking prescription meds like lyrica what other things have others tried to reduce the pain or the hypersensitivity to textured materials?
The lyrica mostly helps by eliminating the neuropathy for most of my hand but the finger tips always seem to be sensitive. I can tell when the med is beginning to wear off. Unfortunately my insurance through my company only covers $600 in prescription meds and then after that everything is completely out of pocket for me. I am not looking forward to May/June when I will probably have to go without meds because of not being able to afford the meds.

Hi, I have alot of problems with my hands also. Sometimes I can not type. My doctor suggested waiting to do my dishes all at once so I am putting my hands in hot soapy water for 20 mins or more...and funny..but it helps. I also use socks filled with beans or rice that can be microwaved for a few mins and then while I am watching tv I can warm my hands and that helps, also incresing b and c vits has helped me. Hope you get some relief.

I have the same problems with my hands...My DR suggest I use wrist splints on my wrist...I wear them at night and they have helped me a lot...I use 2 different one's...on the hand that is the worse I use a splint that has a medal shank in it that fits over the hand and wrist...and the other one I use the kind of splint that wraps around the wrist...

This really isn't a reply to the above post, but it is about hand neuropathy. The pain I have in my hands feels as though a joint in my hand is being struck with an ice pick. Really hurts. Not sure this is neuropathy or arthritis, but a woman I met who has arthritis said she never had pain like this. What do you think?

I work as a Respiratory Therapist, one of my jobs is to obtain blood, this particular blood sample is from an artery and feeling for a pulse is needed. It's getting difficult to feel the pulse. If can't do this job function, it will make it very difficult to keep my job.
It is very frustrating and depressive.

I'm very sorry to read this. Neuropathy, which has always affected my feet and for a while the calves of my legs until walking after every meal stopped that. My feet stayed numb; however, and lately my hands have begun hurting a lot and all up my left arm. Tingling and burning and just plain hurting, so I know this is not arthritis although I have a lot of that. This worries me because I play a celic harp and it has given me so much pleasure since my husband died. I don't like the medications people use for neuropathy. Side effects are something I do not want at all. I have read that others get some relief with heat and I notice that my left hand feels better if I get it close to my computer. I've read things about diets, but I have a good diet and it doesn't help neuropathy, I'm sorry to say. Good luck. I hope you find some relief.

I eat a pretty healthy diet and all my meat is lean...eat my share of vegetables..
I have learned the eating right is a life style!

with my neuropathy I notice it is a stabbing pain. My fingers hurt and it hurts like heck to test my blood. Arthritis in the joint of my finger is a dull ache. Hope this helps.

I use a neurophy medication and as long as I take it as prescribled it helps. It makes me sleepy, but almost all of my medication does that! There are times it hurt really bad when I have to take my blood sugar, and poke my fingers. Ouch! There are times I can not use the keyboard on the computer or write a letter. Hurts way to much. I have noticed that when I do my water therapy my hands don't hurt. AS well as when I take a hot shower. So I might try hot packs on my hands...

What exactly do you do with water therapy?

Oh my...
Does your Dr. ever have samples???
To go without WORKING meds seems totally unreasonable to me.
On TV - it often says, if you cannot afford your medication, to contact the company who makes them.
I have neuropathy pain pretty much all over. The pain was bad enough, but when I lost the strength in my hands... and then could no longer even tell if I HAD anything in my hands until...
ARGH!!! Like your couch, I would touch something that would really make my nerve endings scream!
Now my feet - can't feel a dang thing. Could do the whole walk over coals thing and never know I was burning. That DID take years.
I imagine a few more years of the huge pain in my hands and then I won't feel too much with them anymore either.
Cooking has been perilous for years. I didn't even notice the burns until the blisters formed.
It's just that the feet thing usually happens first.
NOT that there's ANYTHING usual about this whole weird thing.
Please come up with a better solution than no meds due to your insurance. The nice receptionist at your Dr's (or the billing person) may know some other way to get meds cheaply.
When I was struggling with finances, I was told about a place called NeedyMeds.com. That was a while ago, but I imagine there is still something out there that should help.