Happy birthday

yesterday was saundra barragan’s birthday and for some reason it wasn’t on the birthday list. anyone wanting to add their birthday wishes on here are more then welcome to.
happy birthday sandy!!!

Happy Birthday!

Leave it to me to be a “day” late in life.

Sandra, Here is wishing you the Happiest of all Birthdays. As you enjoy that slice of cake, savor a taste for me as well… :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday Saundra!
I hope you are blessed with many more!


Happy Birthday!!!

Thank you all so much for the wonderful wishes. I really appreciate them.

HAPPY BIRHDAY AND may all your dreams come true.

Happy Birthday. Have a great one. Mine was the 5th it wasn’t on the list either. Best wishes.

Sorry, I’m late Saundra!! I hope that you had a
Splendid Birthday. I bet that you are 29…again. :smiley:
God Bless.

Happy Birthday, Special Treasure

God gave a gift to the world when you were born—
a person who loves, who cares,
who sees a person’s need and fills it,
who encourages and lifts people up,
who spends energy on others
rather than herself,
someone who touches each life she enters,
and makes a difference in the world,
because ripples of kindness flow outward
as each person you have touched, touches others.
Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday,
because you are a special treasure
for all that you’ve done.
May the love you have shown to others
return to you, multiplied.
I wish you the happiest of birthdays,
and many, many more,
so that others have time to appreciate you
as much as I do.

By Joanna Fuchs

Ohhh. Pretty greeting. Happy birthday to you, Saundra. Too bad I hadn’t had my new computer on my last birthday, which was the big 55! Ouch! Senior citizen now.

Have a very very good and healthy year.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Happy Birthday Saundra!!!


Oh my goodness! Happy late birthday to our beloved Saundra!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, amiga!!! We love you!!!

How very beautiful. Thank you fromn the bottom of my heart.

Happy (belated) birthday Saundra!!!

Lots of birthday hugs!

(Thanks, Debb for telling us.)

Cumpleanos Feliz