Happy birthday

Happy Birthday to Marie B from Northern New Jersey. I hope you have a really great day and hope your weekend was wonderful…
And for all the people whose birthdays are comng up, I wish you would post them or tell someone else so that person can post it for you. That way we can all have something happy to look forward to almost every day.

Happy Birthday Marie B and many happy returns to you dear friend.Thank you Saundra for your warm gesture.

oh, Saundra, you are such a sweetie pie! And thank you, friends, for the birthday greetings! My birthday present from diabetes was to NOT keep a written log over the weekend in NYC. (My pump and meter can be downloaded anyway to my computer). I am glad to be back in touch with you all, my dear friends!

Happy Bithday !! And, many more to come. BTW, around my house it is customary for the birthday person to buy gifts for gusts (my birthday is christmas eve) So, I always give presents on my B day. lol

Happy Birthday!

Good one Danny. I will have to keep that under consideration. Thanks for the smile.


Happy birthday, Marie! Hope you had a great weekend in NYC. That’s where I’m from.