Happy Easter, Passover to all!

I just wanted to say I hope everyone has the greatest hoilday this weekend. Forgive me but I’m not to up on what all ppl call it.

Happy Easter to you, too!

Happy Easter, Doris. And btw “Passover” is not what Jewish people call Easter. It’s a completely different holiday celebrating an entirely different event.

Happy Easter everyone!

See told you I didn’t know what it was called! LOL!

But Natalie is celebrating Eastover tomorrow - ask her about that one!

Happy Easter! Enjoy xo

Ugh do I wanna??? LOL!

That was actually last month! (And Passover was, I think a couple weeks ago?) But it is Earth Week!!

LOL! See I really don’t know! But I do know that Easter turned me upside down this year with it’s change. I was buying Easter Cards the 1st of March…

The Last Supper was a Passover seder.

Happy Easter! He is risen Hallelujah!! What can wash away my sins…only the blood of Jesus.