Happy Father's Day

Wishing all you “Daddy’s” a Wonderful Day!

Thanks! I am not even a father and I am still honored!

Hope Hubs knows how lucky he is to have you ! Happy Father’s Day to dads everywhere.

Thanks for the tidings. Robyn, you even beat my daughters to the punch. I second the wish, to all Dad’s and especialy my dad. Have a great day, Everyone!

There is NOTHING like having a real good man, as your father :slight_smile:

So, once again…Happy Father’s Day to all of you real good men.

…to ALL the Great Dad’s. Here’s wishing
you a Fantastic Day and Fun with your Families.

As a dad, THANK YOU. I also wish all other fathers in the community a VERY HAPPY father’s day!

Let’s hear from you Dad’s…how was your special day?

I want to wish all the father’s out there a “Happy Father’s Day!”, and to all you “MOTHERS” out there, since I missed it belated “Happy Mother’s Day!”. Robin Thanks, I am a father to one 15 year old daughter and to my niece who is 7 years old. My niece has been with my mom and I since she left the hospital at 3 days old. She is a wonderful blessing, she is the one who runs and gets my glucose tester and supplies when my blood sugar is low. She knows where everything is in my backpack of snacks and supplies. She also knows how to test my BS if I were to be unable to, and she understands the numbers for too low and too high, as well as what meds to give and what snacks or glucose tablets.

She sounds like an angel, and so do you .