Happy day to all the fathers on TuDiabetes!

Mine left us a few years ago, but I remember him every day…

Nowadays, I am the father of a smart and loving kid that fills me with pride…

I wish all the dads in TuDiabetes a very happy day!!

LOVE the pic Manny…Happy Father’s day amigo!

Happy Fathers’ Day!

Happy Fathers day too Manny :slight_smile:

Dad March 8, 1960- August 13, 2007
Happy Father’s Day Daddy!!! I love you!

The image I sent of my father was huge, however there are no accidents as his love was the same…

I have THEE COOLEST Dad… a talented guy who put me on the front of his waterski when I was 3 years old and held me tight for the ride! AND taught me how to read, write & work hard. He taught me to be in the moment of a song when he drummed like crazy on the dashboard driving ‘us kids’ around. A primary education teacher who gave over 30 years and now brings the world so much beauty in his artwork. I don’t think he ever understood diabetes too much, but he let me have my space and independance growing up with it. And that is what I needed. Love you Dad!

Happy Father’s Day to you, Manny, and to all the Fathers out there!

For those folks who never had a biological father in their lives to help nurture it… Be happy with the male role models that have inspired your lives.

Not everybody had parents that lived up to meaning of what a parent is suppose to be.

Believe me I know!!!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads…Have a wonderful day. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads that are in spirit and in our hearts/memories. xo Robert G. Douglas, My Father 1920-1996.

Happy Father"s Day to you too Manny. Your son is very lucky to have you as his father. You look like your father and your son looks like you . Hope you have a great day !!!

Wonderful Pic MANNY!!! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!

Happy Father’s Day!


Well done, amiga! I am happy you posted that pic as a tribute to your dad.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

He is surely looking at you from where he is…

Thank you Manny…this is my Papa! Born 1920, died of diabetes related complications in 1987.

Thanks for your thoughts and all your good work.

Martin J Spielman

So many good pictures and good thoughts posted here. Happy Fathers Day to all.