Happy holiday!


I’m wishing everyone an amazing holiday! I’m feeling pretty good right now in my own little holiday! Friday, got the I’m OK nod from the doc. No more stressing about an impending appointment. Off of work this week so that always makes me jump for joy! Just saw the “Transformers” movie, and it totally took me back to my youth. Great movie by the way (not for kids) and the graphics are amazing!!! Industrial Light & Magic does it again! Tomorrow is a holiday for everyone, and a true time to be greatful for those who defend us. I thank you! And finally, I celebrate my birthday this week, and I’m not nearly as distressed as I thought I would be. Instead of reminding me of my age, I’m taking it as a whole day devoted to myself. Pampering all the way, something I never do!

I truly think nothing can bring my mood down right now, not even the fact my insurance just stopped covering my One Touch, and they sent me a Bayer Contour. Anyone have any experience with this thing? It stared beeping at me earlier, so at some point I’m going to have to read the manual. Anyway, Happy fourth to all and I’l be partying till Monday!!!

A new year of my life is turning over, and I feel a bit like I am learning the basics of life all over again. Chalk it up to new experiences and move ahead. For now I’m 30 and holding (although next year’s B’day I might start to countdown, not up).