Happy new year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am making two New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Despite the fact that pre-bolusing my insulin prevents after-meal spikes, I almost never remember to do so. My first New Year’s resolution is to actually pre-bolus before all meals and snacks, and to commit myself to eat pretty much the number of carbs of that bolus. No extra desserts allowed. This resolution will start today.

  2. My second New Year’s resolution is to drink less wine and drink more tea. This resolution will start tomorrow, or soon after. Maybe April 1st.


My resolution is to be resolute in cutting the carbs -:flushed: tomorrow.


I made a resolution last year to never make resolutions, and I have kept that one!

I did think about making a resolution to stop procrastinating, but I decided to wait on that.


my is stay healthy. & get my a1c down.

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@Trudy1 - That pre-bolusing habit is a powerful one on influencing post meal BGs. That’s the kind of resolution that provides rewards and makes it self-sustaining. Good luck!

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Hi guys,
Apologize, I’m totally missing things. Please tell me exactly how much before meals to pre-bolus.
I need much better BG control.

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Hi JoedyRose. My understanding is to bolus, or pre-bolus, for the number of carbs one intakes. I think the most important step is to count the carbs. I first learned to count the carbs on labels. The next step was to learn to make good guesses based on both the labels and experience. When I first started, I pre-bolused conservatively, then added more insulin later, after testing, as corrections when needed. In time I got good pretty good at guessing my pre-boluses, although remembering to do so has been a bit of a problem, which led to this resolution!

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Thanks, Terry. I’m really going to try!

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@JoedyRose, The whole idea of the pre-bolus is to allow enough time between dosing and your first bite so that your insulin starts to drive down your blood glucose. A CGM is a great tool to monitor this.

Or you could test what typically happens by doing finger-sticks say every 10-15 minutes after dosing and wait until your BG starts to go down. For me, I found that I need to pre-bolus 60 minutes for breakfast. For dinner it’s usually 20-30 minutes. Of course it can vary from day to day and from person to person, but if you test this a few times you can figure out the best pre-bolus time for you. Make sure your food is ready to go on short notice.

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Thank you for responding! I am a little slow, admittedly so.
Please help me out!
Example: I intend to eat a 44 carb bkfast (oatmeal, coffee & a small piece of fruit - the only way I can swallow vitamins).
I usually bolus seconds before I start eating.
However, when do I pre-bolus? 30 minutes, 15 minutes???
My insulin is Novolog delivered thru OmniPod.
It’s the timing that I’m confused about.

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That’s the whole point; when to time your prebolus varies from person to person and even from meal to meal in the same person. So no one can give you an answer as to when YOU should prebolus. Without a CGM to see when the “bend” occurs after your prebolus, you just have to go by trial and error and check your BG every 10 minutes or so per Terry4’s instructions.

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Thanks Terry,
I would have thought that if I pre-bolus then the insulin might get used up quicker and might not be enough left but I told you ladies I was slow - lol
Trudy & Terry, thank you again. Will try to pre-bolus 30 minutes before and hope for good results.
May you both (and all site members have a Very Happy and Healthy New Year!!! :tada::champagne::blush:y

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And Happy New Year to you!

Just wanted to wish everyone and enjoyable New Year’s Eve (if it hasn’t passed for you already) and a really great year in 2016!

Best wishes to all!



Happy New Year, Everyone!

2016 just has to be better…


30 minutes is a good guess but doing the test would give you safer results. Just guessing can end up with you going low before your food metabolizes or still going high after eating, the very problem you set out to solve. Or you could get lucky and find that 30 minutes is perfect for you. Whatever you do, keep your safety glucose nearby.

Don’t worry about pre-bolusing using up your insulin any more quickly. Relative to most food, insulin is slow.

Happy New Year!


i just wish i can start it off better. being in pain due to kidney stones is no fun.

Hoping for a quick solution to your kidney stones. erice. Happy New Year!


My resolution is to be more kind, less blind and more in line. More kind to others who can use a hand, less blind to those around me who need a helping hand and more in line with my blood sugar.

Happy New Year to All !!!



My goals are to learn more about wine, bench press 300 lbs, run a competitive half marathon, dust off my rusty shooting skills and maybe compete with them again at least once, and keep making progress with my son… It’s been a hell of a year 2015 has. Cheers