OMG, got my demo OmniPod today! Someone give me some bad points, please! ;)

It's time for me to choose a new pump and to finally get a CGM.

I currently wear a Minimed Paradigm. Love the service I've gotten with them so far, but I got a demo OmniPod in the mail today and wow! The only adjustment I'd have to deal with is instead of 300 units, it tops off at 200. I'm thinking if that's all, well, maybe it's time to switch.

I also have some OmniPod users in my circle and none of them have bad things to say about it.

Sooooooooooo, I'm casting a wider net. Are there any major negatives with the OmniPod?

I pretty much know the positives. Thanks!

Nevermind. ;)

I found a whole section of this forum dedicated to OmniPod users. I'll be lurking over there for a few days and reading up.

Here is the link just in case someone finds this sad thread and needs directions: OmniPod Users -

Hi Regina,

I tried the Ominpod for about five months a year and one half ago. It didn't work for me and I wrote about my experience in a post here.

It's a negative review and it generated a good deal of discussion. I'm an experienced pumper (27 years) and thought that I could make this device work for me, especially since there were many successful Omnipod pumpers.

What I learned is that my experience was not exceptional and there's a significant minority of users that can't make it work for them. I know that Insulet has upgraded the pod since I tried it but after my experience I would need to know that a major redesign of the cannula and its insertion system as well as its storage reservoir had been done.

Good luck with whatever choice you make.

I've worn Diestronic, Medtronic, Animas and now Omnipod for about six months. Here are the major differences that I've noted. If you like the Medtronic sensor then it is very nice to have it integrated. I gave up on their sensor so my Dextron sensor was separate either way.
On the positive side: I don't have to worry whether my clothes have pockets, it makes things like dresses and nightgowns easier. Sports are also much easier like swimming or going to the gym. You can leave the controller in your locker and not worry about what to do with the pump while swimming. Going through security at airports has been much easier (I travel a lot for work). Overall it's nice to not have tubing.
The negatives:
I actually have had no failures (knock on wood) so the problem many people have had is not my problem. You have to change your pod at a specific time. Normally I wore my pump until I ran out of insulin and that was longer than a Pod lasts. Once you get close to the end the alarms are annoying but you get used to them after awhile. The funny thing is that having a pump attached to you is convenient. You always know where it is. Sometimes I'm in one room cooking and my controller is in another room and I have to go get it. I also worry at times about what happens if my pocketbook is stolen or I leave it somewhere while out. I wound up getting a back-up controller but that is very expensive just to not worry about it when traveling. I wish there were some easy clip-on cases (and the controller was a bit smaller). When traveling I use a spibelt to keep it attached to me.
Overall after six months I would say it is better than my old pump - and we are just getting into summer where the pros will be much more obvious - but there are pros and cons.

Thanks for your feedback. I know there is a new one and the folks I've spoken to all wear that one. I'll see if I can dig for stories on the current one as I'm sure there are some.

Thanks, Sharon!

I don't travel as much, but going through security with my pump is a PITA unless I'm at my local airport (SFO). They're a bit more progressive of a TSA for some reason.

I'm pretty good about no losing things as when my mom died (a long time ago), I learned real fast to have a system. (I've not lost my keys in over 20 years).

With exercise or clothes, I never really had an issue with the Medtronic. I learned from another pumper about tucking it into my bra. That's where I wear it when I'm wearing dresses and I wear dresses 4 to 5 days out of the work week.

I think the main concern will be the 200 units but as I start being active again, I'll need less insulin.

Great info! Thank you again.

I've been using the Omnipod for 3 years now. I love that I can be active with it and not have to worry about the tubes, it makes exercising, swimming, etc. much easier. My only complaint is that I have gotten two infected pump sites from wearing it in a weird place on my arm (make sure you wear it low so it doesn't constantly rub against your side).

Great tip! Thanks, Leah! :)

Oh geez, Regina...I'm debating the same thing. I have both, Omnipod (new version) and Medtronic Revel. I'm on MDI right now, gonna try (again) to restart pump next week and I don't know which one I want to use. Pros and cons to both...I guess I didn't really like or trust the PDM w/the POD, the built in meter always reads much lower and I end up having to change the coding for the strips. I also don't like the way it calculates IOB and for me, because I'm rather thin, the Pods often hurt and bruised me, especially on my arms..but, not a big deal I guess. I think Medtronic is a very reliable pump but then we're tethered to, I don't know which one to use either..ugh! :)

Yeah, I'm nervous about letting Medtronic go as any rises or falls with my A1c and other issues are me. ;) However, I'm doing better now after a refresher course at my endo team's office.

The pump has been very consistent and, when it wasn't, Medtronic got me a new one ASAP (and any error beyond that was UPS).

There are things I'm getting sick of though: the tubing, worrying if it might snap during the evening (if I sleep restless, it can and has happened), and just having to deal with this thing on me (tucking it into my bra when I wear a dress). (Granted this would give me a small bump, but I'm past the stage of skin tight dresses, so there is that.)

I'll admit that I'm leaning towards the OmniPod. I'm just going to see how it all works out with insurance and other things.

Every answer helps, so thanks!