Hard to run

I have been running for about 8 months now and have gradually made it to 8 miles. It is an accomplishment for this former couch potatoe.

Sometimes I am feeling great and can run for miles. Sometimes, like this morning I can't seem to get in gear. Nothing hurts, my muscles just feel "tight". Does that make any sense?

I walk a bit to loosen up before running and I stretch afterwards. My blood sugar is fine and I adjust my pump settings so I can go the distance. Today my bs was high because I had planned on running 3 miles and I only got 1 in.

Since there is no pain do I just keep going and hope that the muscles loosen up so I can run?

Any help and/or ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Congrats on the accomplishment - keep after it! Sometimes having a motivator (friend you run with, race you want to complete) in a visible place can help. Consider trying dynamic stretching prior to the workout (google it - and you'll find various options on sites like Runner's World) - I've found that can get me going because the body is moving more actively than it would be if I was walking. Good luck!

Oh thank you for the advice. I am going to put dynamic stretching in the google machine :) and read up on it. I do run with a club on Sundays so that makes me push harder to keep up with them, and I like that, I do need friends to help motivate me. Thanks again and have fun!

Oh yes I know what you are talking about. Some runs are just awesome, I have high energy and just feel like I could go on forever, while sometimes I just struggle to even get through. I think it is just normal ups and downs. Maybe do some extra stretching on a day where you feel tighter. OH and awesome job on the running!

Know what you mean. Can't explain except that your body has a mind of itself. It knows when you're rested and knows when you're sick before your brain does. I find my blood sugars going haywire weeks before I actually get sick. I know when I'm coming down with something by watching my BS go up. Frustrating to run, can't run if BS is riding low and not suppose to run when riding high! Aaackkk!!!

I do find even when not feeling up to a run, if I just say... walk for a bit I end up running no matter what and farther than I thought I could go. It's that first step that's the hardest.

I had really bad cramps during the 2011 Chicago Marathon- like 13 miles worth- and then after that on pretty much all runs > about 12 miles. I discovered that if I laid off coffee for like a week before a longer run= no cramps. I usually drink 4-5 cups/ day (at least...) so that may be excessive but the cramps were *really* unpleasant!! I also used salt pills, Enduralyte and then another flavor, Saltstick Caps, that had a bit more potassium or something like that.

I think we all go through this diabetic or not... some runs feel great some feel stiff. I personally don't warm up until about 3 miles.... my advice.... keep you stride short and quick with a higher cadence...

I have those days quite often. I always thought I needed more hydration. If my BS are within range, I walk/run the goal distance. It males me feel as if I haven’t abandoned the goal, and we live to fight another day. Good luck and never give in.