Has Anyone been Diagnosed With This?

I have been pretty sick for awhile now. Especially since the end of May. lots of Gastrointestinal Probems. I hate to say this but have had diarreha(most of the time massive) since the end of may. My doc sent me to the gastroenterologist because some of my tests came back that I had massive amts of white blood cells in the stool and your not suppose to have that. all the other tests came back neg. despite 2 times of a 10 day regime of Flagyl (2000mg a day) the symptoms did not go away or get any better. I had lost 32 pounds rather quickly. The gastro did an EGD and a colonoscopy. I had a pollup in the ascending colon that biopsied neg and a pollup in the transverse colon that came back pre-cancerous. he removed everything and assured me he got it all…the stomach lining was very inflamed and that was biopsied also. showed lots of bacteria hence the massive amt of white blood cells.anyway to make a long story short i had my follow up today and was diagnosed with Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy of the Gastrointestinal Tract also sometimes called Diabetic Diarreha. I have now been put on pancreatic enzymes twice a day. This is not a pleasant thing to have and has certainly altered my lifestyle dramatically. I was wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with this,and how they have handled it to fit in thier everyday activiities. any input would be greatly appreciated.
I also have another question. One of my meds is Lantus. Since I havent been here in awhile I dont know if there had been any discussions on the reports of Lantus causing colon cancer. Since I had the precancerous pollup should I be asking to change to maybe Levimere or something? Should I be worried…I have a follow up with my reg. doc on friday. I hope this all made sense I am running on no sleep. Thanks you guys,and im glad to be back,I have missed this family greatly!