Has anyone been using the same insulin dosage since the begging of T1DM


I have been type 1 for 7 years and my insulin dosage has been the same as always.

21 units of lantus
2-8 units a meal

I though this was a progressive disease and with time i would have been taking more and more insulin.. Has anyone experience this.. ? or any suggestions ? why i have not changed ..

thank You !!!

If you are already producing no insulin when you are diagnosed, Type 1 isn’t necessarily progressive. If you’re already producing zero insulin, you can’t produce less! Your insulin dosages may change according to your stage in life. For example, teenagers often need huge doses when going through puberty. Or pregnant women may need much less insulin for part of the pregnancy and then huge doses at other stages of the pregnancy. But if you start at a dosage that works well with you, then hypothetically it could continue to be correct for a long period of time. Some people find that there doses change often, but others are quite stable.

I was diagnosed in the 70’s and started on one shot a day. As newer insulins were introduced and then when I went on the pump, my dosages changed quite a bit. I take much less insulin than I used to. Also, since I try to eat relatively low carb, my mealtime insulin is much less.

Type 2 is more of a progressive disease than Type 1. Many people with Type 2 are able to control their disease with no meds or just orals early in their disease. My understanding is that most people with Type 2 eventually have to take higher doses of medications and many/most long-term Type 2’s eventually end up on insulin. It’s not that they’ve failed to control their diabetes; it’s just that the disease has progressed.

Like Lathump, my tdd is much less than when I was first dx'd decades ago. Sometimes progressive (as in better ways and means to manage this thing) is a good thing. You have not changed because your dosage is working for you. Congratulations. But...be prepared for change.

I agree with the other post that suggests your immune system may have very quickly wiped out your insulin producing islets, thus no change in your insulin needs. I take it you were also fully grown at diagnosis? I'm curious, are your BG readings fairly stable along with your A1c results? Final question, do your insulin needs go up when you are sick? Sorry for all the question! My son was diagnosed 4 years and one week ago. His insulin needs have correlated closely with his growth/weight.

I have been diabetic for 25 years and my rates and dosages and ratios are exactly the same. I have changed my bolus rates based on time of day etc to get better control.
Still one unit of insulin covers me for 15 carbs . My weight stays pretty stable give or take a few lbs, I think insulin resistance increases with weight gain. that would change things p a bit I would think

yes i was fully grown 22ish. My BG are fairly stable along with my A1c readings
5-6 for the past 6 years. When i am sick or depressed my insulin dose might need to go up.

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Hi Alessio, my dosage has been similar for 25 years. Basically 18-20 slow acting and 6-10 fast acting units per meal. Of course the types of insulin have changed since I started, transitioning from cow and pig derived insulin to human based, and from NPH and Regular to glargine (Lantus) and aspart (humalog).

I don't think the dosage will change unless some other factor changes like body weight, exercise routine, etc.

My TDD has remained quite steady since I have stopped growing. Through most of the 90's I took 45 units of basal NPH. my pump now has a basal daily dose of 44.0 units. The big changes in my insulin needs were taking a desk job (less exercise) and adding a few pounds.

interesting. my endo told me most of his type 1's, once stable and through honeymoon typically take about 15 - 20 units of basal on MDI's...guess he was correct.