Has anyone else noticed more high BSs since their last shipment of Pods?

Just wonderong. I’ve been using the Pod since Febrary and have had a pretty good run with BG levels very stable and reasonable numbers. I am now on the forth Pod from my latest shipment a few weeks ago and am having terrible highs, mostly after sleeping. When I go to bed, BG’s look good, when I get up they are high (Ive adjusted my nightime basils, I’ve gotten up at 4:00am and corrected, to no avail). They don’t come down to a good number until diner, then Im good till I get up in the morning again.

I have not had this problem until the last shipment I received and was wondering if something has changed. It’s even hapenning when I choose sites that normally work very well for me. My diet or exercise is very much the same every day (boring, but true, lol).

Anyway, just wondering if I’m the only one.

I have had a lot of issues with the 3 month supply I have. They are all from the same lot number and my readings have gone from being in the 80s and 90s to over 150 and 200. I have a few from my last batch and when I switch back to the other lot number my glucose levels have gone back down. My pods have also been failing within 48 hours. I have been going back and forth with customer service to no avail. I have been calling them in as they fail. My diet and exercise are pretty much the same on a daily basis as well.

Biggest thing I've noticed that causes highs are what I eat. Not really how much, but what it is. Some foods just do different things to your insulin needs than others, even though they may be similar in carbs and such. Take a really good diary of what you eat over the next few weeks, and show that to your doctor's dietician. They will help you figure out how to tweak the control of your pump to get better results.

Also, just thought of this. I've been suffering from a cold the past couple of weeks myself. Is it possible that this is your time of year that you have alergies or other problems? There could be other things going on with you that this is an indication of adjusted control needed.

Things do change from time to time with our bodies and control. Just keep good records and use the resources your doctor has along with the folks at Insulet to help out.

I was noticing random highs...made note of the lot #.....L30958.

I also had a fail or two for no reason that I could ascertain, but that isn't unusual.

That is the lot number I have been using. They have replaced over a box already and I need to call in several more. My three month supply is all from the same lot number.


Thank you for the comments, everyone. Some interesting thoughts to consider. I will take a look at the lot that I am having problems with as well. I was told by CS to try a different box, and interestingly (or coincidentally, or luckily) I'm back to what it was before - stable - go figure.

I think I will try this box for a week or so, then try the "bad" one again to see if it was just my body being pissy or there was indeed a problem - nothing like some good old experimentation to keep things interesting.

Again, thanks for the comments, very much appreciated.

Good luck! Keep us posted.