Has anyone had a D cat or dog?

i have a cat who had OCD. as silly as it sounds, if i go away for a weekend, my cat will lick his under arms until they are raw. we've put him on medication, so all is alright, but i am just curious if anyone has had the experience of dealing with a pet who has any kind of "disorder."

My type 1 neighbor has a dog with diabetes. He gives him shots once a day.

Yes, I know a lady who is the receptionist at my GP who has a D cat. She gives him/her ( not sure ), injections. Have heard of plenty D dogs, but didn't realise there were D cats. One of our cats acts very strange at times, he goes out the cat flap and back in, then out, then back in again. Sometimes there is a traffic jam of cats at the catflap.

My dog eats R/X low carb/ low glycemic food she has had surgery on both back knees and is not very active so I'm taking a proactive approach. I also lost my other Lab this year to Cancer and chushings disease after about 12 months of treatment and surgery it was hopeless ...she was 10 years old. I have a good friend that had a insulin dependent Australian Cow dog, He gave her NPH that was diluted to U40.

No, we haven't but one of our Neighbour's doggie was dxd. not long ago. Poor thing...she felt like Crap and didn't want to do any of her usual activities. Plus she's allergic to chicken too. I gave her one of my meters with some strips and a sharps container to help a bit. Her syringes are not like mine though. It was pretty hard on them both trying to get her sugars of 24 - 28 down. Her fasting is doing much better now at 10.7 plus her other numbers are much lower also. So doggie and her owner are back to walking and enjoying Life. :)