Has anyone had any positive experiences switching from a pump to shots?

I’ve considered this because of economic reasons. Also, does anyone know how long it takes to adjust to the shots?

Hi. I mentioned on my blog that I went from the pump to MDI for a year because I needed to give my pump sites a rest. My goal on MDI was to mimic the pump results. It took me a while and some experimenting… Diabetes is so individual that I can only tell you what I did. I now use the pump four days per week, shots for three days mid-week. My method: I need three insulins on MDI–Apidra, Humulin R and Levemir; and I prefer the BD 1/2 markings syringes so that I can easily measure out half units. I take split shots of Levemir–the biggest is at night and timed so that the peak hits between 2:00 and 3:00 AM; I need one unit of Apidra first thing in the morning as my basal is running low just when I need a little extra. Then I use Apidra for corrections and boluses. I need the Regular for dinner since that’s when I have really slow digestion; half my dinner bolus with the R before dinner, the rest Apidra after dinner. It sounds a little complicated, and it is; but it’s the only way I feel OK, and as close as possible to how I feel on my pump. Really, it’s all about the basals. And I do feel positive about it all, since I can do lot of site rotations. Good luck!