Has anyone had any problems with service and getting supplies with humana one insurance?

I am looking into a job but the insurance is humana one and I have no experience with them as I have used Blue Cross Blue Shield my whole life. Is it difficult to get humana one to cover omnipod supplies and dexcom supplies?

I don’t have Humana one, but I am covered by Humana… they approved my Dex with no trouble, the only delays I had with the process was getting Dexcom to actually submit the information to my insurance - they did it as SLOWLY as possible. It took me calling them and pestering them to get it done… but then Humana approved it within a couple of days.

My deductible is insane though, so I’ve been paying for sensors (and pump supplies) out of pocket this year - last year, when I had met my deductible, everything was covered 100%. If I happen to meet my deductible this year (unlikely, as I am about $800 short with two months to go) everything will again be covered @ 100%.

I had some issues getting my pump approved, but that wasn’t directly related to whether or not they would ultimately approve it… once the issue (which had to do with my account) was fixed, they approved it immediately.